Ballin’ [aka Eatin’] healthy on a budget

In the spirit of recouping from our recent matrimonial happenings, Gar-bear and I are still on a budget. Since I manage said budget, I try to be a good wifey-poo and cook at home as much as I can so that Gar-Bear isn’t too sour on his limited allowance 😉
After I got back from my run this morning (insert workout: 8.1 hilly miles with P Funk – she’s making a comeback so she did 6 with me and I finished out and back another 2 … frozen veggies have been my Saturday friends), I made him breakfast of eggs and whole wheat french toast (similar to this recipe sans orange juice + almond extract) and it was pretty scumptious if I do say so myself.
This lead me to thinking about how we can keep eatin’ healthy while maintaining zee wonderful budget at the same time. I try to coupon when I can, but instead of that now I just stick to BOGO deals. One of those deals you can usually find at the local grocery store, ours being Publix, is bread. Grab 4 loaves BOGO and you are set for a while for many different thangs you can eat.
This leads us to lunch, when I made us some sammiches. They weren’t this big, but a girl can dream ‘eh?
Moral of this story: one of the essentials for eating healthy on the cheap is always having whole wheat bread in the freezer. End scene.
On the art front, I did spend a couple of hours today painting, YES I am working on my good friend’s commissioned piece every weekend and hope it’ll be done in a few weeks! Horray for fingerpainting!
I’ll leave you with some running inspiration (since my hip is a bit sore today I am watching this to maintain momentum .. or atleast I’d like to think that’s what it’ll do) it’s one of my faves ya’ll, Happy Saturday peepoes!

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