Favorites Friday!

I figured I’d start posting clever weekly posts…and Fun Friday was great…just a little too vague… and then Freaky Friday could get taken the wrong way completely (tee hee) so I landed on FAVORITES Friday .. so that I can share some of my favorite (or baborite – as Jo Koy’s mom would say) things!
Socks: Balega‘s Hidden Comfort socks … oh so wicky and smooshy-comfy!
Artists: This is a hard one .. I really really dig a ton of artists. I really love installations & I do have to say that Banksy is my uber favorite with his elusiveness and all.
  Color-wise I’m diggin’ Britto right now too..loud and poppy, that gets my attention and reminds me of my own painting color palette! Two TOTALLY different schools of art-thought, but hey no one said I made a whole lot of sense 😉
Running shoes: My Brooks Pure Cadence are my bestest friends right now. After the Gasparilla fiasco I was on the hunt for some good running goes that weren’t too stiffy-stiff but just enough stability; I’d improved my overpronation .. yes, I am no longer flailing my legs around too, too much. These new shoes, the Pure Cadence, are awesome. They formulated the sole to include the gel (kind of like in Asics) plus foam.. and whoa-la! magic runnan’ shoes!
I have these purple/black ones. At $120 a pair, It’ll be a while before I can get any new colors, but I want them ALL! I’ve found nothing close that fits as snug and still runs well especially with longer distances. For me, anyway. (Remember, we’re ALL different 😉
Yep, those are also my new fave compression sock, from Pro Compression, thanks to SkinnyRunner for the tip.. and promo code 😉
Oh, and still love my Zensahs…I always get thumbs-ups from the walkers on the Parkway when I sport these bad boys, they’re real comfy and I mostly wear them now post-run for that “ooh-ahh!” feelin’
Let’s see Favorite Restaurant: Tampa Taco Bus! It’s where we did our Engagement photos (to keep with the whole Cinco De Mayo theme, ole!) and also has the best local Mexican food served out of the most awesome bus.. that has a sink attached…and still amazes me! The Desebrado chicken is thee best! Go eat it… now! They’re open till like 3 am yo! 
Don’t you want to just eat the screen?! Do eeeeeet
Favorite Pet: Duh, Jaeden! My [senior citizen] pug .. he’s so squishy and sweet 🙂 I loves him!
No! You’re staying home with me today mom! No heels, I say!
and one more ay? … Favorite random thing: Dia de los Muertos masks.. they’re so stinkin’ cool to me. I found a store in Austin, TX that sells ALL things Day of the Dead and have since included them in paintings..our wedding… who knows what else!
Gary’s awesome boutonniere I got from Etsy from this great seller from the UK of all places!
I think that’s good for today, eh? It’s been a super week (if you subtract working) of running.. still kickin’ it in the Runner’s World #RWRunStreak since last Saturday! and overall working off the sweets that I’m now avoiding.. why can’t they make red velvet protein cupcakes?!
Also, I did NOT partake in National Donut Day .. that means I deserve a cupcake 😉

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