Monday’s motivation

I conked out last night…like I think I was mid-sentence with Gar bear and just passed the heck out. And I wasn’t even a stellar hardworker yesterday. We misbehaved and at at a local buffet with my parents … the norm when we hang with them of course … came home, I gardened a bit (in other words, tried to make our front porch look presentable and not like we were hiding behind Mexican petunias) and I did a 3 mi recovery run with F. I guess being in the sun, I was just pooped! Waking up today [with mucho eye funk going on letting me know I slept deep-deep] I thought “ok, self, let’s get some Monday Motivation going…” …
 hence, my visions of me before & I share with you my before pic:
I still look SO jolly don’t I?!
That was back in 2008 or so. I started running in 2007, but sometimes being in the wrong ‘life situation’ can make you forget about your physical self, am I right? I definitely don’t remember ‘this’ me
Well, now I’m happy .. healthy .. have a wonderful hubby and great friends surrounding me to keep me accountable! These are my after shots (be prepared for the gun show..)


How tough I’d like to think I looked whilst doing Insanity

Bolt Run 2012 in March
Seeing how far I’ve come drives me to keep going .. especially now that I am getting up there in these lovely 30s.
Happy MOTIVATIONAL Monday ya’ll!

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    July 8, 2012, 10:36 pm

    Love this post! Way to go! Inspiring 🙂

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