The slowest week ever is almost over!

Is it me or did this week seeming like theeee slowest week ever??
Alas, IT’S FRIDAY YA’LL!! ((happy dance))
Let’s see what I’ve been up to.. oh yeah…the past few days I was bad….REALLY bad food-wise. I mean, it’s not my fault, & I’m not pointing any fingers, but the inner-chocolate-demon inside of me raided just about every candy dish in the building Weds & Thurs…and I do know where they ALL are. So, I am keeping up the Weds/Thurs 2-a-day plan until I can straighten up! After spin Weds am, I went to the mall (gotta love Vicky See’s giftcards AND the Semi Annual Sale!)
After work I made sure to the gym to help cover over the guilt with the sweets debacle
Weds workout: 2 mi run + arms circuit
me + schweat = more sparkly than a glittery vampire

lately my left hip’s been a bit of a bug-a-boo so I’ve been doing this a lot (LOVE hip flexor stretches)

On top of all of my candy-raidin’, G & I went out for all-u-can eat Mexican (8.99! – insert angels singing)…even though the all-I-can eat is a quesadilla and a 1/2 and a’s so yum!
Sabor a Mexico is the bomb! (can you tell we’re still on the “no chain restaurants” ban)

Cholula is the new ketchup
Needless to say I woke [my fat a**] up Thurs to work this mess off
Thurs workout: 4 mi am run / Spin class in p.m.
On Thankful Thursday I was thankful for:
2) it’s 20% off weekend at fit2Run for Club Members this weekend! I def need more of these! after buying a ton of different energy gels and chews, these are my baborite!
* For all of my other friends/family getting married soon: HOT POTATO!

What, pray tell, were you thankful for this week?

((HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF)) Ahhhh, it’s almost the weekend…yahoooooie!!
Today, I make a solemn vow to eat these and not sweets [insert snide sneaky laugh]:

AND fight my urge to go see Men in Black III-3D being that it costs about $100 for an evening at the theatre… What’s that Gar bear? You would rather do a Sex and the City marathon instead?? Sounds like a SPLENDID plan!

Amidst his [seems like it’s taking forever] ankle recovery, I told Gar I’d walk with him this morning, since it’s “active recovery day” (and I figured if I ran part of it I’d still be in the #RWRunStreak 😉
Fri workout: 2.5 mi walk/run
Seeing as he needs light stability now, G has new Brooks Pure Cadence sneaks…and we’re shoe twinsies…I can’t say enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes! I have 2 pair and they’ve been awesome! .. They aren’t stiff like ‘normal’ stability running shoes and the gel/foam sole is just enough cushion to feel wonderful. These shoes are uber light and fit just right (unlike others who have smooshed my feet to the point that I have a ganglion cyst on top of my left foot now, but I digress) I want more…like NOW!…I saw new pink ones are in… ((ponders overspending from the budget))
The couple who wears awesome running shoes together….(ignore my white powder marks…blister powder, that’s what’s up)

Coming back for gimpy

Enjoy this GLORIOUS Friday errone!! xoxo, me
What’s on your weekend agenda, yo?

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  • Reply
    June 15, 2012, 1:36 pm

    happy Friday Kiki! why you no take me to all you can grub mexican? hmpf.

    also, LOVE the shoes. come to fit 2 run on saturday from 12-4. i’ll be there promotin’ my race.

  • Reply
    June 15, 2012, 4:43 pm

    Heart those shoes. Can’t wait to give them a go!

  • Reply
    June 15, 2012, 4:54 pm

    Hey! I just realized you are Darryl’s sister! Small world!
    I love Sabor’s gigantic margarita glasses!

  • Reply
    June 15, 2012, 8:56 pm

    I’ll try to come by then Bethie! I LOVE my Brooks!! Sabor is the best, I see a Weds runner girl meet up in the future!

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