Tumble Tuesday

Ever heard of the “Golden Knee Award”? no?
F & I met up at the local Y for our usual Tuesday 5 mile loop. Groggy and eyes full of sleep funk, we ventured off into the 530am darkness, headlamps a blazin’. It’s about 1.5 miles until our usual water stop … which stinks now that the water fountain serves warm water, yum…Usually P-funk joins us, but recovering from injury she couldn’t make it. I should have known then that things would get cray cray, as every other time it’s just the 2 of us, something odd happens. There’s been scary people in the dark we didn’t see till the last minute causing us to scream like pansies…oh, and the random [cute at first] dog who literally wouldn’t leave us until another runner ran by and had to endure it’s wrath run-blocking. We continued on with 3.5 to go…and then all of a sudden – mid sentence – F took a tumble. Now, F has been dubbed the “Golden Knee Queen” previously, but this time she’d gone a good 6 months without falling.
F & I on our glorious Sunday recovery run, schweaty=sexay!

Today was a new day though. F stretched our her arms, reaching out for the grass like it was her saving grace (kind of like ‘super-hero-armed-stretched-out). She actually achieved a safe landing as if the grass was laid there as padding for her for a pre-planned free fall. I did what most of us do when a friend falls or hurts themselves..I made sure she was okay first…other than a little bit of a scratch..and then we both busted out laughing .. “ooh, girl, that was some funny ish!”
We finished our run, drenched from this crazy Florida humidity and heat (yes, even at 530am … I can’t wait to see what summer brings < sarcasm) and planned to meet up for our usual Wed spin class tomorrow.
You know, nothing beats running with girlfriends. I heard it best when they say we talk all about running when we’re not running and about everything else when we are running. It definitely makes time go by much easier and keeps me grinnin’. On my own, I’d most likely lay down…in the grass…and nap…ahhhh
Tip: (thanks to my girl Syl!) On the news last night there was a tip given that shoe (running shoe) shopping is best in January as newer styles are introduced & clearance sales ‘get rid’ of older ones…yay for frugal buys and happy feets! 😉
Any fun running/tumble stories anyone?? Bueller??

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    June 5, 2012, 1:44 pm

    I didn’t know you had a blog. Now I can stalk another one of BoB’s friends! Poor F…I hope her knee is alright.

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