We like our food Latin

In keeping with the spirit of being super cheap monetarily conscious, this weekend we only ate out for dinner once, yippie! For the past couple of months, we’ve stuck to a strict “no chain restaurants” rule .. that is not in reference to fro yo, because we all know mama has to have her Pinkberry! (who wouldn’t love frozen strawberry goodness, and a website that has the catchiest music?!)

This is what Saturday night happiness looks like, in case you were wondering

But I digress – I’ve noticed that our recent outings have been to restaurants of the Latin persuasion. We go through spurts.. Asian: Vietnamese, Japanese.. Last weekend we tried a restaurant in South Tampa that just opened called Catrina’s Cocina y Galeria. Even though the name was spelled wrong, obviously, I still thought to give it a try as I heard they had uber cool day of the dead decor which my friends know is a fan fave. Verdict: Their food was great, but not if you’re ballin’ on a budget (prices a bit steep especially for Mexican food) however I dug the atmosphere and the sangria was on point!

Saturday night happiness can also come in the form of white sangria 😉

Fast-forward: This weekend we spiffied up a bit after being lazy old married people for most of the day after my run

Jaeden and I pre-dinner, he’s such a camera hog
Gar bear trying to be as cute as me .. he understood he’s close, but it just doesn’t work that way

& ventured to a restaurant called La Teresita which is close to Raymond James Stadium. Our friends we were dining with knew we were being cheap looking for good, reasonably priced eats. Verdict: Holy YUMMY! And Holy cow we still have $ left in our fanny packs! Our meals were around $7 … yes, $7…each and the portions were gigantic. We’re definitely going back!

Since it’s Sunday we’re off to church and then to hang with the parentals for a bit. I plan to paint some more (amazing, I know!) & then drag my lazy butt do a recovery run later of a few miles to work this hip thing out. Happy oh no we have to go back to work tomorrow Sunday ya’ll!

Anything fun happen with ya this weekend? Any other ‘non chain’ restaurants you think we should try?

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