A surprise day date

I woke up for my usual recovery run on Sunday and joined my friend K again (14 miles together this weekend!)
Sunday’s workout: 4 mi recovery run
We seemed to be trucking along at a pretty speedy pace for a ‘recovery run’, but felt good so stayed with it. We were totally drenched by the end but we did it!
Meanwhile, I knew Gar bear was up to something. I even told K on our run I could tell he was being a little aloof about some “Sunday day date” plans up his sleeve. When I got back from my run he let me nap a bit (I’ve gotten NO sleep this week at all) and then I woke up to Dunkin Donuts breakfast (heck yes!) in bed! He ran back downstairs to ‘get the rest of our stuff together’ and I did the doggie head tilt. Que?! What the heck was he up to?
When I made it downstairs I saw that he had our bikes on the rack and a cooler packed. Oh boy!

I said “What should I wear?” He said, “Your cycling gear!” Yay! Another biking adventure!

We were well on our way. After we went over a couple of interstates and headed onto the Veterans, I thought we were going to the Suncoast trail, which I haven’t been on. Nope, not that one, but another new one! The Upper Tampa Bay trail off of Wilsky!
Ta da! A new biking adventure awaits!

I was pretty proud of the job hubs did packing up our cooler with sammiches and salads and snacks…including the dreaded Monsters he enjoys in ninja-mode (you know mama ain’t havin’ that!)
I forgot Dwayne, my Garmin, so I opted for the Sporty Pal app on my phone. (Men and directions, I figured I was better safe than sorry.) We went out onto the Citrus Park end so that I could see how the trail looked over that part of town. The hill over the road was pretty tough!

Hi, I just survived a pretty mean hill, post-4 mile run 🙂
Then, we came back and went out on the Linebaugh trail and made a stop at the other end for water. There were the prettiest butterflies everywhere! I even caught a pretty awesome pic of one who was a friendly lil thing.

Herro, take my picture, I’m a pretty butterfly

Gar felt this was the optimum time to catch some sun. Sorry babe, you’ll never get the brown glow that your wifey has, NEVER!

After about 10 miles in, we went under another overpass and our car key flew out of Gar’s pocket and almost went into the water! I almost freaked! I jumped off of Sheila to grab the key, zipping it securly in my pants when I heard Ga yell some explitives and jump off of his bike. His brakes didn’t work…lovely. We decided to head back to basecamp. A mile out, something fell from his bike (aka Bruce.) The bolt that holds the seat adjuster on, came off….once again, lovely. “What the heck honey, is your bike falling apart?” Hubs wanted to go out “another 2 or 3 miles” but I made the executive decision for us to head back-back and hope that his bike didn’t just fall apart from under him. “He just needs a tuneup”
Gar’s shirt that he tied around the seat so it didn’t just fall out from under him, classy!
Back at the car, we grabbed our cooler of goodies and had a lil pic-a-nic on the park bench there. Clouds were looming in the distance so we had a quick lunch just in time.

Spinach, vinaigrette, and strawberry salad…husband = knows me better than anyone!
He even knows how much I hate crust & cut it off of my sammich 🙂
The rest of Sunday’s Workout: 15 mile bike ride
Thanks hubs for planning such a fun, active Sunday! From Glow Yoga to Biking…to supporting me out at races…I’m one lucky gal 😉
This week, my legs are already on fire. Aside from running and biking Sunday, yesterday I did another WOD-type circuit:
Monday’s workout: 5 rounds of: 400m spring, then 20 each: air squats, bosy shoulder presses, scissor ab modification
and then today’s usual
Tueday’s workout: 5 mi run with P Funk
I was pretty impressed how each week we’ve gotten faster 30-45 seconds consistently, yay for baby steps!
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Tell me about yo’ weekend?!

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    July 31, 2012, 3:57 pm

    Nice gloves lady! 😉

    Excellent job on the ride. I’ve yet to ride that trail myself. I may need to check it out.

  • Reply
    July 31, 2012, 4:32 pm

    What a fantastic adventure, complete with butterflies and the best picnic lunch!! Like the emerg bike fixing job a la t-shirt too.

    • Reply
      August 1, 2012, 12:56 am

      Give it up to hubby 🙂

  • Reply
    August 1, 2012, 6:41 pm

    Love this trail. It’s the closest to mi casa so that’s where I do most of my runs/rides.

    • Reply
      August 1, 2012, 9:36 pm

      Ooh next time I’ll hit you up!

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