Re-fueling is yum

Even though I felt like death Sunday morning after my busy “what was I on crack?” Saturday, I still woke up at the butt crack of dawn to get in a recovery run and post-run nap before getting our Sunday started. Gar bear went with me, on bike, and kept me company (since talking to myself could lead to judgement from others.) Hubs might be on to something when he said “you are doing so good these past 2 days with us pacing you on bike, you’re going a lot faster.” I shouldn’t, really, but I feel great. My breathing has been consistent in the humidity and for some reason I’ve been getting faster. ((shrug))
We went to church and then to a new local Vietnamese restaurant I stumbled upon this week, Pho Hoang, in Riverview off of 301 across from my work. SO GOOD! Family-owned and good prices for authentic eats, that’s for me!
I had the chicken & shrimp w/steamed rice
Gar had the beef & egg roll on rice noodles (and was patient as I took a photo of his food when he wanted nothing more than to scarf it down like a fiend)
After, I met up with some of the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers for a Sunday fro yo meet up at Cherry Berry in New Tampa. On Living Social I’d gotten a $5 for $10 deal beforehand and shared it with Beks so we both made out like bandits on sweet fro yo.

See that, bandits
I was fruity, Beks was into sweets
Me with the TBLB girls
Hubs and I planned to go to Yoga in the Park at Curtis Hixon afterwards, but the uber big thunderstorm that came through put a dent in that, so we did it at home. I’ve had the Core Fusion: Boot Camp DVD for a while, and use it a lot when I need to focus on core and stretching…and that time has come again. I really like that there’s 5 workouts that are 10 minutes a piece that you can do together or separately and how it incorporates flow yoga along with strength training.

Sunday’s workout: 4 mi recovery run + Core Fusion yoga

We spent Sunday night catching up on movies – Fun Kat fact #46 I haven’t had cable or t.v. in over 5 years (I get a lot more accomplished that way, and besides Twitter gets me most of my dish anyway.) Most of what we watch here and there is on the Internet, so when we went to Blockbuster (aka Mom in law’s DVD stash) Gar grabbed a few movies we hadn’t seen. Columbiana and Friends with Benefits were both great! (J.T. is rockin’ a stellar 6 pack, I was impressed!)

Today, I rekindled my workout relationship with Shaun T and began to reincorporate Insanity into my weekly program.

Monday’s workoutPlyometric Cardio Circuit (42 minutes)

Getting reacquainted. Yes, those are VHS tapes in my gym’s group fitness room. NO they aren’t used by me, ever

It was great to hang out with ST again!

How was your weekend?

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    July 16, 2012, 2:05 pm

    I am interested in trying out the insanity workouts! We can do it together one of these days . I have the p90 set and it’s pretty good but I don’t really have all of the required weight and bands and doorway pull up

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    July 16, 2012, 7:16 pm

    bummed i was so dead to the world yesterday to make it out to fro-yo partay. glad you gals had fun!

    kudos on the speedier pace. keep at it. you’re getting super fast and will be dragging my butt around! lol!

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