Soon to be ridin’ dirty

We just got back from spending a night/day with zee in-laws, which is always good times. Nothing like going out into the country to get hog-wild! (just added that for affect, nothing hog-wild really took place)
We went up to Ocala Friday night and then bright and early, pop-in-law and I headed out to Silver Springs Shores to a 5 mi trail (forget the name of it) so that he could bike while I ran my long run. Some of his Ocala Mountain Bike buds were there too to get their ride on.

I definitely wasn’t going to be keeping up with these guys

My goal was just to just enjoy some QT with my dad-in-law and just do around 8 miles at a slow pace, but we ended up doing 2 loops for an even 10 and went a bit faster than I have the past couple of long runs! ((happy dance))
More good news too:
I got my bike!
Now, coach has already said “it’s not a road bike”, but what does he know?! He thinks he can be sneaky and try to talk me into a sir-ee! A duathalon, more than likely. But this lil girl just wanted a bike that wasn’t 1 speed with a wicker basket (no offense Trudy but you really weren’t built for being trendy or fast –  cute as all get-out, heck yes)
See, cute, but no one took her seriously
I introduce you to Sheila:

 She’s a Trek FX 7.1 – a commuter bike essentially. We got her through a family friend in the biking club when they upgraded to another Trek road bike. My goal wasn’t to spend a ton of money on something because I didn’t plan to use it to race outright, just to have a faster bike that I could ride with hubs and friends with – if I get the itch down the road, I’ll upgrade…we shall see.
We had to get me a helmet, since I never practice safety by wearing one, whoops. I felt this one was a close second, but ended up not going with it as a first choice


Practical use always wins over style I guess

After some lunch (aka re-fuel) I was ready to take her out for a first ride (aside from a test run)
Barn = told you we were out in the country!
Insanity chick, runner chick, and now add bicyclin’ chick to my repertoire 😉

We just did 5 miles around the neighborhood. I told Sheila I’d take her out with Dwayne (the Garmin, remember) and Bruce (hubs’ bike) real soon!
I leave you with this lil funny. When I was driving the test drive #2 vehicle (post coming soon), Gar drove my car for the week…with my magnet still on it. He made sure everyone knew he ran like a girl, they should try to keep up!

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    July 15, 2012, 3:02 pm

    Hahaha! I love that you have names for everything. :0)

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    July 15, 2012, 11:17 pm

    Great post! Have fun with Sheila!

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    July 16, 2012, 2:39 pm

    Love the new bike! She is purdy! We MUST go for a ride now. 🙂

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