What are these straps for? It’s TRX time!

When I did personal training about a couple of years ago (getting back into the fitness bizz I had to recruit help, I was a stubborn lil thing,) I remember my PT having me use suspension handles to do lat pull ups, etc. I didn’t understand the concept at first…straps…handles…what the heck?! But in the end, I really did enjoy using my own weight versus dumbells for a change of pace and it was an awesome strength workout. (Click here to read more on the TRX Training Philosophy). I’d then heard of TRX Suspension training for some time now as it was at other local gyms. I’d been waiting for it to come to my gym so that I could try an actual class (and not have to pay booku amounts of $ at another joint,) and that news came this week!
what are these straps for?

Demo classes were offered since the signup for actual classes starts in a month or so, and of course I signed right up! (Sidenote: it was all girls in the class, some boys were in the gym but didn’t want to come check out the class…another reason why girls rule and boys drool! πŸ˜‰
This is the circuit we did twice (30 seconds of rest in between):
1 minute of squats
1 minute ο»Ώlat rows
1 minute of pushups
1 minute of lunges x each leg
30 seconds of mountain runner kicks
30 second plank hold
On the second set, there were variations I tried out: jumping from the squat, lower lat rows, pushups with one leg on top of the other, lunches with straight arms and touching the floor, mountain kicks into immediate plank hold on hands (not forearm.)
kat, I mean lat, rows
mountain kicks
I really enjoyed this workout! My pal to the right, R, is also a runner working on her overall and core strength. We were both talking about how slow we were going with the higher intensity variations. She also reads my blog and gave a good pointer that I should share: don’t worry about the pace, worry about the form! We were taking our dear sweet time through the harder movements so that we didn’t fall over and a) hurt ourselves or b) look like complete goofballs. Many people feel they need to keep up with the rest of the class or go super fast through movements; the key is proper form to work the right muscles and avoid hurting yourself from going too fast.
Monday’s workout: 45 minutes of crosstraining/strength
That night, I was continuing my “I really don’t feel like cooking” spree; I know, awesome wifey! I was cooking, but we were both starting to work a funky later shift and that left me not a lot of time to go to the store for fresh stuffs. Mission this weekend: go to the store and load up for 2 weeks, lazy Kat! We did buy 2 great deals from Creative Loafing on their cldeals.com site; they have crazy good deals for 1/2 off at local restaurants and businesses. One was for Channelside Theatres ($15 for 2 movie tickets AND 2 meals) and the other was for The Rack ($15 for $30 worth of food!)
Shrugging my ‘bad wifey’ mojo off, we decided to use the certificate to The Rack since it was a special night….a night that Gar bear was pretty excited for
2 lbs of crab for $14.95 night = a super stoked hubs
So, for 2 dinners we just paid the tip! (yes, we were nice customers and tipped on the actual amount not the certificate amount πŸ˜‰
Out on a Monday night usually means drinks and happy hour for most. For us, it meant time for a little friendly competition
sometimes us dorky married folk thumb wrestle while waiting on dinner…or maybe it’s just us?
This morning, full of crab meat and corn (inner: yum) I went out to meet P and B at the Y for our Tuesday run
Tuesday’s workout: 5 mile run
I’m heading out for work, SUPER excited to meet up my pal Billy to present him with his painting, on his BIRTHDAY! Post to come soon with the unveil πŸ˜‰
Have you tried TRX before? or 2 lbs of Crab legs?

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    July 24, 2012, 6:23 pm

    DYING over here to see that art of yours!

    Nice job on the pulley-straps-thinga-majig. Lol! I’d be sore as all get out today.


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    July 25, 2012, 6:01 pm

    That looks pretty damn fun!

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