A cooler full of what?!

Monday night I’d planned to meet up at Fit2Run Tampa for my first Ambassador Appreciation get together. Yippee! My pal, Rachel, had been to a few before so I thought I’d get off of work early to meet up with her and meet some new peeps. Plus I got to see my other pal R before she jets off to Paris! Win-Win.
To make sure I was up on the deets, I checked their page online and found out there was a planned run right when we got there…hmm, I should have figured this huh. So, I did a lighter strength circuit on my lunch break so that I a) didn’t run too much (still a tad sore) and b) my clothes didn’t smell like death when I put them on again to run 😉 Genius button is never in the off position!
Me n’ Rach
“How far are we going? – ok 1/2 a mile sounds awesome to me”
We ran down past the mall where the store is, along the access road by the airport. It was still a bit muggy out but it lifted on the way back. We ended up doing a 4 mile out and back, of course there was the boys ahead of us and us bring in the rear. Lol, the rear.
Sweaty proof.
The ambassador coordinators Brad and Kevin knew the way to our hearts with sammiches and smoothies, thanks guys!
Guess what hubs got brought home for dinner
Hello, strawberry-pineapple-banana-orange lover
And I almost fell over when I saw their cooler-de-NUUN!! I wanted to just put my face under the spout but “first impressions are a lasting impression” eh?
How many tablets did that take?
Our swag bags were a super cool added bonus. I’ll be sportin’ my ambassador shirt soon! I already tried the Feetures socks out this morning on my run and they left me blister free (with the addition of my Blister shield powder of course 😉
I have been pretty excited about this opportunity to be an ambassador for Fit 2 Run because I am pretty much there every other week (we don’t live super close by either) and always rave to others about the store. I love their shoe and clothing selection (Hubs might not as much because of my purchase history.) They have all kinds of hats, shorts, skorts, shirts, socks, and compression gear AND they offer FREE Gait Test Analysis to find the proper running shoe for you. A lot of people who start out running should definitely do the testing so that they find the right pair of shoes and don’t have to learn the hard way. Like I did 😉

Monday’s workout: 45 min circuit (weighted lat rows, shoulder presses, scissor abs, squats, etc.)
+ a 4 mile easy run
Tuesday’s workout: 5k run with P & H
Today I plan on chillaxing before work (with Jaeden and our USA Cheerios) and trying to find something for lunch through our messy house of boxes…someone hasn’t been cooking this week for that very reason 😉
How did you tackle your Monday & Tuesday?

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    August 21, 2012, 3:03 pm

    what fun, I love catching up with friends and doing something physical. have a great day!

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