Baby, it WAS cold outside

Today’s post is brought to from home! I’m back from the Windy City – and may I just say I definitely dig it, but it was time to be home with my boys!

Side note: while we were downtown Monday I discovered there was a Crumbs bake shop, which is our favorite cupcake place! I got 2 to bring home to surprise hubs. I kept them safe and didn’t touch or taste even a tiny bite of them! I left them on the stinkin’ plane …. Of all places … I guess they just weren’t meant to be …. Sad face.

But I’m home! And that’s a positive of all positives!

Day 5 means Cozy! Join me on Instagram for the #HOLIDAYADAY Challenge!


I was given the opportunity to sport some awesome and comfy gear provided by while I chillaxed on my flight up to Chicago! provided free apparel, but the opinions in this post are my own

The back of the cowl back top was a favorite – casual but super modern and adorable. The rollover pants I got were a little long for me…since I am not far from Oompa Loompa height at 5′ 1″ ish…but definitely yoga and comfort worthy nonetheless!


Yogiclothing makes versatile gear that is not only functional for yogi tendencies but also day-to-day wear on the go! The outfit worked out great for the time I spent traveling and came in handy as I hung out at the hotel. I got compliments on the cowl back top, which is always a bonus!

I can’t wait to sport this outfit on my next journey to the yoga studio too!

Today I get back to my routine as I prep for the Holiday Halfathon Sunday! This will be my last day to get in some mileage, so time to put in work!

Happy Hump Day! What did I miss??

Have you entered my Therafit Giveaway??



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  • Reply
    December 5, 2012, 6:26 pm

    What a bummer about the cupcakes! There’s a Crumbs three blocks away from me, so let me know if you want a few “spare” ones. 😉

    • Reply
      December 5, 2012, 6:43 pm

      Omg u have no idea, please?! I checked online and its twice as much for the cupcakes to ship as the cost of how much they are!

  • Reply
    December 5, 2012, 6:48 pm

    Welcome back! I’m having fun with the instagram challenge. Need to get cozy up this afternoon. 🙂

  • Reply
    December 5, 2012, 6:50 pm

    Love the top with the open back!! How do you get all these goodie? This little one needs some blogging help 🙂

  • Reply
    December 5, 2012, 7:08 pm

    That outfit looks so comfy!

  • Reply
    December 5, 2012, 7:47 pm

    Totally HOT. I need me some comfy yogi clothes that looks stylish but feel like PJs ha.

  • Reply
    December 5, 2012, 9:12 pm

    I got the same cardi/tank! So cute!

  • Reply
    December 5, 2012, 9:24 pm

    I love that cowl-neck shirt! I’m running the Holiday Halfathon, too.

  • Reply
    December 5, 2012, 10:32 pm

    I can give you my address if you need to pass the pants along.. 🙂 That shirt is so perfect for you!!

  • Reply
    December 6, 2012, 11:49 am

    Those clothes really do look cozy! Very cool :-). How much yoga do you do?

    Happy Thursday – we’re over the hump now!

  • Reply
    December 6, 2012, 12:22 pm

    Poooo about the cupcakes. 🙁 Those yoga clothes look fantastically comfortable! And I don’t know why, but it surprised me that you’re only 5’1″!

    • Reply
      December 6, 2012, 12:46 pm

      Oh no, is this going to change things?! 😉

  • Reply
    December 6, 2012, 1:00 pm

    So glad to have u back!!! Chicago is a great city but I know the feeling of getting back to home!! I love crumbs! My sister has one half a block from her in NYC where she lives. Totally fabulous!! Have a wonderful day!!! Xxoo

  • Reply
    December 6, 2012, 2:26 pm

    That’s such a cute top! Good luck on Sunday! You will kill it!!!

    • Reply
      December 6, 2012, 6:15 pm

      Thanks Mindy! Not going to push push like WHM, but will do my best!

  • Reply
    December 6, 2012, 2:56 pm

    Oooo I wants it!

  • Reply
    December 6, 2012, 3:43 pm

    I love that cardigan! Looks super cozy!

  • Reply
    December 6, 2012, 4:21 pm

    So glad you had a good time but more glad you’re home and warm again! 🙂 Love your tree love your dog 🙂

  • Reply
    December 6, 2012, 9:59 pm

    Cute grey cami!! I love it!! 🙂

  • Reply
    December 6, 2012, 11:26 pm

    There are very few things that make me cry, but leaving the cupcakes I had had so much restraint not to touch on the plane may have pushed me over the edge.

    • Reply
      December 7, 2012, 2:44 am

      It took a while to get over it..I run to fro yo instead…

  • Reply
    December 7, 2012, 12:47 am

    very nice… looking fancy and festive for the holidays!

  • Reply
    December 7, 2012, 4:24 am

    I can’t wait to get my Yogi clothes! It looks so comfy!

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