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Instagram is a unique app MANY of us use to keep in touch through photos and picture sharing. More than ever, Instagram is also fast becoming a go-to place for brands to check out others’ social media engagement and ability to make creative photo posts that grab attention. Back in the day, unbeknownst to most, I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. I wasn’t able to do much with it when I originally graduated, but it has now translated into helping me with my social media posts [primarily] as well as blog post design – hey I’ll take it! In Graphic design I learned that you have to abide by a few ‘rules’ of creativity to help yourself be identified by your look and also catch the eye of the beholder.






Just a few of the iPhone apps I use for Instagram photos

Just a few of the iPhone apps I use for Instagram photos


Our phones are magical little beings! Now, we can not only use them for texting and calling but we can use them to create designs  right in the palm of our hand! Above are a few of the apps I use primarily for my Instagram posts. A few, of which, I’ve learned about recently. While, most times, new apps come out regularly it’s good to stick to a few that you use to avoid getting overwhelmed. Know that these are your personal ‘go-to’ apps and it’ll help with the theme I’ll repeat throughout this post: consistency.


First and foremost: Make your photos POP. Make photos sharp – if they are blurry it’s hard to see or convey your message – unless you show you meant to create one focal point (using special apps.) Also, remember you have a square for a photo box to fix each picture, so use the Square option on your camera or keep that in mind when  composing your image. Filters are fun, but aren’t always needed also!




There are SO many fonts in these photo editing apps – sometimes TOO many fonts! Take time to practice and browse around in them to find that’s uniquely YOU. You may have seen someone else’s posts and thought they were super cool, but if you try to replicate their look it won’t appear to be YOU – people will have a hard time differentiating between you and someone else. It won’t create that CONSISTENT look that attaches to your posts that people love to see. Browse through the tons of fonts that each app offers – there’s SO MANY! After you take time to identify a few fonts you like, note them down on a note pad so you don’t forget.





Along with ALL of the fonts, there comes many that may seem kitchy and even others that are very much like script. Some may be pretty on the surface, but can be hard to see at times. To keep that CONSISTENT look, that is uniquely YOU, and represents who YOU are and what people LOVE to see – keep it clean. Use crisp lines that fit when you do a motto or quote or when you fit it into a photo post. Make it easy for someone to glance at the photo and be able to read what you wrote without squinting or staring for long periods of time. BE EASY ON THE EYES.





Watermark ONLY when needed. If you are doing a post on a workout or a random post that’s specific to you, there may not be a ‘need’ to watermark it. WAIT! What’s watermarking? It’s when you put your blog name/website name and/or your instagram handle so others know the photo belongs to YOU. Now, if you do a post that has content others may repost or could use themselves down the road related to a brand or product, feel free to water mark it. When you do, keep in mind those CLEAN text rules because with font being even tinier, it’s harder to see if it’s not in a clean font. Stay CONSISTENT even with your watermarks, so it creates a sort of ‘stamp’ representing you.


USE HASHTAGS. What are hashtags? They are searchable words that link to brand campaigns, common trends on Instagram, and people search them to find content! You can be fun and make up your own, but using common ones that relate to your niche. Whether it’s #Fitness or #Running or #RunChat or #EatClean, people can find you through your hashtags if they want people who have subjects in common with them.


Keep in mind that a LOT of the great photos you edit for Instagram would even translate well onto your Facebook or Blog pages as well! This post is about Instagram pics, but it also relates to things to keep in mind when posting blog photos as well. Have photos that represent YOU through the font usage, watermarking, and colors/photos that depict YOUR style.


I could get into specifics about how Word Swag, Rhonna Designs, Bordergram, and all of the apps work BUT taking time to do that yourself will help create that look that fits YOU. I’m from the school of being a ‘hands-on learner’ so even with new apps I’ve acquired I didn’t do well until I got in and practiced with a few photos. Take the time to do that and even text them or send them to someone to ‘proof’ for you – feedback is always a lovely way to help us improve!


What photo editing apps do you use?

What other questions do you have about how to make your Instagram posts POP?

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