Weekly Workouts Roundup – Playing Catch-up

Do you ever feel like you’re outside of your routine and are playing catch-up so that you can get back to Weekly Workouts?




Week of July 12, 2014:


Saturday 7/12 – 2 mile walk

Sunday 7/13 – 4 mile run + PiYo

Monday 7/14 – PiYo Class

Tuesday 7/15 – 2 mile am run + core

Wednesday 7/16 – 5k am run + PiYo Class

Thursday 7/17 – 1 mile run + Insanity

Friday 7/18  –  PiYo Practice + T25


Week of July 19, 2014:


Saturday 7/19 – Teach: PiYo (55 Min) and Insanity (30 Min) and 4 mile walk

Sunday 7/20 – 3 mile walk + PiYo

Monday 7/21 – AM T25 + teach PiYo Class

Tuesday 7/22 – 5k Easy Run+ core

Wednesday 7/23 – 1 mile warmup, Insanity Round 8 practice + PiYo Class

Thursday 7/24 – 4 mile progression run

Friday 7/25  –  PiYo Practice


When I’ve been on the go for a weekend, even when we’re having a blast at Disney, I never really argue with spending the next weekend home…cooking…working out…and reseting afterwards!


After the 3 Day Refresh, I’ve been enjoying cooking a lot more! I don’t know if that is from the Refresh itself OR from me watching a lot of the Cooking channel in the background haha.




I’ve tinkered, again, with gluten free baking now also incorporating dairy free ingredients as well – I’d been asked about recipes so I’ll be posting those soon! All I have to say is that coconut and vodka were ingredients – YEAH.


Hubby and I have been focused on our own workouts but also time together on walks and working out together. QT + Workouts is the perfect combo!




I’ve posted his sentiments on Facebook, but have to give another shout out to my wonderful husband. We truly are best friends and with that come the usual ups and downs. We’ve been in a super happy place lately and I really think spending a lot of time together, QUALITY TIME, is a testiment to that. He’s been super supportive of me being crazy going to work, coaching fitness, teaching group fitness, and sometimes running myself ragged – he knows my goals in mind and is ready at the helm to help in any way needed. His story is truly powerful and he’s been more comfortable sharing his own journey to help pay that forward and help others – COLOR ME THRILLED.


Anyway, where was I? Oh! I ended up taking some time off of running as much after the #RWRunStreak and poured myself into weekly classes teaching PiYo and Insanity again – YAY. Holding myself accountable through me setting an example for others is so important to me! My workouts are a blend of me using time to practice routines while also running and being sure to squeeze in resistance training – using body weight for now. I’ve had the itch to get back into weights but haven’t done them in a few months and actually feel leaner. We’ll see!


How was your week in workouts?

How do you fit it all in while catching up after a trip or busy week?




HI! I'M KAT - I am a pug-mom, wife, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, & Fitness Coach focusing on living the fit life while tackling work, coaching others - doing it all! My blog is to hold me accountable for all the goals I plan on accomplishing and also a way for me to try to inspire others through my own experiences - if I can do it ANYONE can! Fitness is a huge part of my life as well as travel and seeing all that life has to be lived! PAY IT FORWARD!

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  • Reply
    July 25, 2014, 7:48 am

    i’ve got to try piYo! is it offered in texas?

    • Reply
      July 25, 2014, 11:35 am

      Emailed ya the info girlie!

  • Reply
    July 25, 2014, 8:48 am

    I’m so jealous of the time you and your hubby get to spend together during your workouts. If there’s one thing I would tell newlyweds to do, it’s to embrace your time spent together, no matter what you’re doing!!!
    I think you do such a great job fitting it all in.
    Haley @ Running with Diapers recently posted…Goals – Friday FiveMy Profile

    • Reply
      July 25, 2014, 11:35 am

      Aw we’ll all be neighbors soon and the hubbys can be all manly together haha – yay

  • Reply
    July 25, 2014, 9:43 am

    Lots of running! I have been running a couple times a week. Doing more cardio circuits than anything, though.

    That’s great you can workout and get so much support from the hubs! Kyle and I have been working out together the last couple weeks, and its been really great.
    Alysia @ Slim Sanity recently posted…Blog Tip Friday: Helpful Links 12My Profile

    • Reply
      July 25, 2014, 11:36 am

      That’s awesome girlie!

  • Reply
    July 25, 2014, 9:47 am

    Great job this week! My workouts have been few and far between at this stage of pregnancy!

    • Reply
      July 25, 2014, 11:36 am

      Thanks Heather – that totally makes sense mama!

  • Reply
    July 25, 2014, 10:06 am

    It’s great that you and your hubby can get some workout time in together!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Friday Five: Half Marathon Training GoalsMy Profile

    • Reply
      July 25, 2014, 11:36 am

      Two birds with one stone for sure!

  • Reply
    July 25, 2014, 10:42 am

    Great job as always Kat! I LOVE that you and your hubby work out together! And…I so want to try PiYo! Don’t you want to come travel here and teach a class for me??!! 🙂
    Mindy @ Road Runner Girl recently posted…Fitness Friday…July 25th Edition!My Profile

  • Reply
    July 25, 2014, 11:28 am

    I feel like this week has been pretty spot on with workouts (both PiYo and Running!). And a large part of that is the motivation you give me as a coach. Thanks Kat! 🙂
    Amy recently posted…Stepping Out of My Comfort ZoneMy Profile

    • Reply
      July 25, 2014, 11:37 am

      You’re rocking it girlfriend – thank YOU for holding ME accountable in return!

  • Reply
    July 29, 2014, 12:09 pm

    Looks like some good workouts! I need some PiYo in my life, but I can’t replace my yoga. I enjoy a good couples walk it’s good for the soul.
    Renee @ Bendiful Blog recently posted…Quinoa Tahini Vegetable {Meatless Monday Recipe}My Profile

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