Weekly Workouts Roundup: Fall Out Bootcamp Workout

Week of October 11, 2014:


Saturday 10/11– 2 miles of 100m sprint repeats + pull-up practice and form + PiYo Class

Sunday 10/12 – Leg Day + HIIT

Monday 10/13– Insanity Pure Cardio + PiYo Class

Tuesday 10/14 – Insanity Core Power and Endurance

Wednesday 10/15 – Insanity AM Class + FALL OUT pm Bootcamp class

Thursday 10/16 – 2 mile walk/run + Back/Core/Sprints + Insanity PM class

Friday 10/17 (planned) – TRX arms and Core + HIIT Agility (Asylum)


This week I talked about my relationship with running shifting, and stuck to enjoying some cooler weather with some sprints and time walking.


With the influx of strength training, I’m starting to feel stronger and my reps are starting to increase past my normal threshold, so that’s an added bonus!


6 Classes a week = time to stay motivated and pumped up for sure! It’s always a workout for my students, but I never leave them with a sedentary instructor that’s for sure!


Many of you have heard us Floridians cry and whine that it’s still hot down here and we aren’t feeling a hint of Fall…at all. We aren’t done yet haha – BUT we are starting to try and imagine we see a change in leaf colors and head outside being tempted by hints of cooler air.


I was encouraged even more when I had the chance to teach a special series of Boot Camp classes where we went outside to enjoy some Fall Florida weather!


Here’s the Workout that we did:






How are you enjoying the change in season with workout variance?


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