Weekly Workouts Roundup: Let Someone Guide You

Week of October 4, 2014:

Saturday 10/4– T25 Dynamic Core + Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning (partial) + Insanity Speed & Agility (partial)

Sunday 10/5 – Insanity Asylum Speed & Agility + Disney walking

Monday 10/6– 21 Day Cardio Fix + Body Beast Legs + PiYo Class

Tuesday 10/7 – T25 Core Speed + Arms

Wednesday 10/8 – Insanity AM Class + Shoulders

Thursday 10/9 – 3 mile 5k interval run + Chest/Tris/Back + Insanity PM class

Friday 10/10 (planned) – Practicing new PiYo Lesson + Treadmill HIIT session


This week’s workouts have been brought to you by GREENS & Workouts with At-Home Trainers! That’s right, greens have been my focus this week – I’ve always done well with Shakeology and getting in vegetables at each meal. To sneak more in, I’ve been using my new Nutri Ninja blender to throw in even more veggies – NAMELY GREENS – to beef up the diet with even more nutrition but with lower caloric value!



Dessert shakes include apples and carrots and Shakeology – oh my!


Speaking of fuel, special deliveries from Quest Nutrition never hurt either! These new flavors of Protein Chips are DELISH and with 20-22 grams of protein and around 5 carbs and gluten free, they’re a perfect savory treat.




Unsurprisingly, having greens and protein running through my system and watching my intake on My Fitness Pal has me feeling even more energized and primed for some lifting and HIIT training that seems so new still to my body. After about 4 weeks of this progressive training, I decided to weight myself. I was prepared to know I was going to gain weight, which I did. BUT the gains I’ve felt in my gym & in my Body Beast workouts show me I’m getting the results I want which include more muscle tone – weight set aside!



I’ve mentioned on my Instagram and Facebook that I’ve gotten back into lunchtime workouts at the gym as well as a way to get in portions of workouts in the middle of my day. Still, I enjoy the thinking being taken out my working out with Shaun T in Insanity & T25,  Sagi Kalev in Body Beast, Autumn Calebrese with 21 Day Fix, and Chalene Johnson in PiYo and Turbofire. As dorky as it can sound, I feel at home and comfortable hanging out with these guys in the comfort of my own home. We ended up getting adjustable dumbbells and I’ve been able to do a HUGE variety of workouts to keep things fresh. You throw in run interval workouts and I can’t lose!


Why I dig at-home workouts!

* Complete programing

* Ease of workout – no excuses to not drive somewhere or get dressed

* I can hang out with some cool Beachbody trainers and talk to them as well as curse them when they have me laid out




I miss running for endurance, more on that later, but realize that my body is asking for a change and I’m obliging!




A new challenge is always, I feel, the best way to break any plateau. I started to feel like my body was asking for a change, so I made a choice to give it one! Now, I’ve been feeling stronger than ever and can’t wait to see more progress with my running as a result! I know being a coach, I try to set an example when it comes to shifts in goals and fitness. So, I continue to do shifts so I can guide others towards their goals as well!



Boom – shackalacka – locker room selfie time



How was your week in workouts?


Do you let someone else do the thinking for you with workouts?


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