Weekly Workouts: Here comes the UE Boom


Week of November 8, 2014:

Saturday 11/8– PiYo practice

Sunday 11/9 – Leg Day Circuit

Monday 11/10– Body Beast Shoulders + PiYo Class

Tuesday 11/11 – Insanity Game Day + Core

Wednesday 11/12 – Insanity AM class + PM Fit Camp

Thursday 11/13 – Easy Back/Booty workout

Friday 11/14 (planned) – 2 mile easy walk


Good tunes and music ALWAYS gets me through runs and workouts! I am that silly person in the gym, and at home, switching songs so that just the right one comes on to get me PUMPED and ready to go!


I was excited when Verizon sent me the UE Boom Speaker to review!


Disclaimer: I was provided this product in exchange for a trial and review post. All opinions are my own.




Hubby and I are both big music lovers, so already have one wireless bluetooth speaker in the bedroom and bathroom – where AM dance routines take place. So, to have one to keep in our workout room was a bonus to living the #ConnectedLife!


The UE Boom speaker is SUPER easy to use and even come with an app you download on your phone to adjust settings on the equalizer and add in a second speaker, should someone choose to do that to add even more sound to their room!




The sound from the speaker is super crisp and clear and we barely have to turn up the music volume to hear it clear across the house! It’s a good thing we have the same taste in music 😉


When I’m doing cardio, I like to turn up the beat with faster songs and when I lift I like to keep it a little crunk with Lil Jon, so being able to blast my iTunes Music along with my DVDs is a perfect mix!


This week’s workouts have stayed consistent with my PiYo / Insanity Asylum / Insanity / Body Beast hybrid plan! I feel TONS stronger and have been able to maintain a 12-15 rep ratio with increased volume in weights! My goals don’t involve a lot of bulk, so I make sure to stick to that rep minimum and if I can’t hit 12 to 15 reps, then I lower the weight until I’m ready.


I shared this photo this past weekend on Social Media, and wanted to share it in this week’s roundup!




I certainly miss running, but have found that the less I train for endurance and the more I focus on strength the more TONED and STRENGTH GAINS I feel! I use running in sprint training and during interval workouts with Asylum, but have focused on circuit training that includes both external and limited resistance training. I’ve had people tell me I look “smaller” but I weigh just about the same if not MORE and still feel clothes fitting better and some even looser.




As you all know, or most of you know, Diabetes affects our lives directly each and every day in my household! Type 2 runs in my family and my husband has Type 1. Type 2 is preventable and our goal is to raise awareness to those that can help fight Diabetes with lifestyle changes and adjustments to their daily routine!


In a post last year, hubby opened up about our lives with Diabetes – and while it’s one that’s filled with blessing after blessing and tons of positivity, it’s one that has its challenges off and on and those have brought us that much close together.






How was your week in workouts?

Do you need just the right tunage to keep workouts going?

In a future post, what tips and info would you want to learn about Diabetes (T1 and T2?)

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