Weekly Workouts Roundup + Weekly Faves

Week of November 1, 2014:


Saturday 11/1– Arms Circuit

Sunday 11/2 – Leg Day Circuit

Monday 11/3– Body Beast Cardio+ PiYo Class + Insanity Class

Tuesday 11/4 – Insanity Speed & Agility + Back/Bis

Wednesday 11/5 –  Insanity AM class

Thursday 11/6 – Easy Back/Booty workout

Friday 11/7 (planned) – 2 mile easy walk


I’m enjoying typing with NEW EYES from my Lasik procedure this week, so I’ll share more on that in a blog soon! (No makeup for a week means I’ll wait to do some video fun haha!)


I feel like I was sure to work off Halloween treats and also begin to confuse my muscles with some new workout changes!




My favorite Halloween Happening: We were Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber!


My favorite anticipation: Classes commenced this week but I was told not to workout too strenuously post-Lasik on Wednesday so tried to listen to the doctor – as hubby was on Kat-Watch duty.


My favorite quality time: With many things coming into fruition into our lives, we’ve taken lots of time to enjoy these ‘low key’ workout days as ways to enjoy quality time and catch up on the blessings around us. I really feel the two of us have turned our negativity into positivity and it’s only bleeding into all other areas of our lives!





My favorite taste-test: To keep us cranked and fueled through all of the busy, we even had some new protein to try (we’ve been on the hunt for a perfect post-workout and additional protein source for us on the go – Shakelogy is always a morning whole-food go-to and we just wanted more additional protein sources) and were able to try Toffee-flavored Whey from myprotein.com! WHOA! This tastes like the middle of those Whopper candies – you know what I’m talking about! It blends easily and is gentle on the stomach. Their BCAAs (Brain Chain Amino Acids) have been a great post-workout addition to help heal our muscles as we’ve both upped our lifting threshold! Both products are also gluten free!


* Disclaimer: I was provided products from myprotein.com in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



Feel free to visit myprotein.com and use the code KATRINA for 10% off now through 12/31/2014!





Did you have any favorites from this week?

How were your workouts in the first week of November?




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