Weekly Workouts Roundup: No Excuses

Week of November 29, 2014:


Saturday 11/29– Insanity Strength + PiYo Class

Sunday 11/30 – HIIT Leg Day

Monday 12/1– Insanity + Body Beast Shoulders + PiYo Class

Tuesday 12/2 – Insanity Fit Test

Wednesday 12/3 –  Body Pump + PM Fit Camp Class

Thursday 12/4 – Insanity PM class + Audition

Friday 12/5 (planned) – PiYo practice


This week’s workouts are brought to you by the letter E.


E for Excuses.


Being honest here like I always am, I just didn’t feel like doing squat this week. Nothing. I was tired. Have you ever felt like that before? Thanksgiving was amazing and I trudged through, but most mornings I woke up and felt like “eh, what if I just skip the workout today?”





I always tell my challengers and coaches, I’m glad I’m in the fitness field or who knows what journey I’d be on! It was meant to be my path that’s for sure! I thought of all of the people I work with to get me through – to know that part of the Insanity workout is PUSHING through! I wanted to see my Non-Scale Victories continue  … so… I had to PUSH THROUGH the EXCUSES and get my workouts in!


I had to make tweaks, I had to modify, but it got done. That’s the lesson I want anyone to take from my experience – even if you are able and love to go ALL OUT know when you have to make modifications to keep your workouts SAFE and able to continue! If a movement is ‘unattainable’ at the moment, adjust it to fit your range of motion for that day – FORM over SPEED right?






We tend to create our own ceiling so that we may say “Ah, I can’t do that workout all-out, so I’m gonna skip it” – ANYTHING is better than NOTHING!


By the way, Insanity Max:30 is en route to my house – the preparation is SERIOUS. I am going to do the whole workout modified so that I can focus on teaching my classes all-out and keep the workouts safe. I truly believe that I can see progress with modifications as the intensity is still there – I’ll prove it 😉



How was your week in workouts?

Have you had to talk yourself off of the ledge when it comes to knee-jerk feelings with workouts on your journey?

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