Don’t be an April Fool – RUN YOUR OWN RACE!






I love you all, you’re not fools! And this post is not a joke or prank by any means… even though the thought was tempting…




No, seriously I wanted to scare you guys or do some sort of post to rattle ya, but I was afraid it would just come back to bite me…so, instead I’m keeping it SAFE 😉


I’m bringing you, instead, a reminder to NOT be an April Fool! A reminder, to RUN YOUR OWN RACE!


You know I speak to you [99.99% of the time] speaking from personal experience and this post is no exception!


We tend to create goals or tasks we want to achieve in life…we start out super focused. WE HAVE OUR EYES ON THE PRIZE…and then we can become distracted…distracted by others and “how much MORE progress they’re making instead of us…how they’re losing weight and we’re not…how they’re moving forward and we’re not….”






Our best friends and loved ones are the best at snapping us out of this right? So, I am that person for you today…


We should focus on ..

– OUR OWN progress, not the progress of someone else who did ‘better than’ us

– OUR OWN goals, not mirroring others

– OUR OWN achievements, not others’ and how they’re better than ours

– HOW FAR WE’VE COME, not how far everyone else has come


It’s easy to lose focus – and my pastor said this all too well the other day “Focus on the Destination not your Situation” and that’s stuck with me.


When we look around at everyone and everything else we lose focus on OUR OWN RACE and just how AMAZING we are doing at what WE set out to do for OURSELVES! Everyone else doesn’t dictate how well we’re doing!


So, if you’re guilty of this, just like I’m admitting I am! How about we STOP the MADNESS and not let ourselves be April Fools! We can join forces to celebrate milestones in our own race!



COMMENT BELOW on something you want to CELEBRATE as a milestone in your OWN RACE!

HI! I'M KAT - I am a pug-mom, wife, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, & Fitness Coach focusing on living the fit life while tackling work, coaching others - doing it all! My blog is to hold me accountable for all the goals I plan on accomplishing and also a way for me to try to inspire others through my own experiences - if I can do it ANYONE can! Fitness is a huge part of my life as well as travel and seeing all that life has to be lived! PAY IT FORWARD!

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