Training Tip of the Week: The Rise of Online Workouts

The smallest place I’ve lived was my one bedroom apartment that was about 500 square feet – TOTAL. It was also where I started my fitness journey  ironically. YET, I learned that with LIMITED SPACE a lot can still get accomplished!


I learned, over the course of the last 5 years that I enjoy workouts at home! Whether they were on DVD or [now] online – which I’ll talk about more here in a sec – I feel I got more out of working out at home than I did going to the gym. Don’t get me wrong, we each have our own preferences! My goals, too, may change down the road, but for me I find I get the most bang for my buck at home. I can wake up, throw my workout clothes on (or not) and knock out an effective 30-40 minute workout … I can even go out for a run…and come back to shower, ready to take on the world. For me, personally, when I went to the gym I would walk around and have to take more time to think through my workout – even with a plan in place – or look for the right equipment than work on getting WORK IN.


Lately, I’ve fallen in love with the accessibility of workouts online, Whether they are online circuits laid out for me using little to no equipment or the rise of streaming workouts, I can take that part of the process out – thinking about what to do. As a personal trainer, I work to help others program their workouts to make that time more effective. So, I enjoy that side of workout programming. It’s taken time, but seeing how much work is put into other online workouts lets me, personally, not have to go through that process.


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.15.36 AM



If we were to break it down, WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF ONLINE WORKOUTS?


* Little to no equipment needed – most times – especially good for limited space and travel

* No thinking about workout programing

* More ability to do WORK and get an amazing workout in

* Programmed recovery and breaks effective for your workout goals

* Variety to keep us on our toes and keep us NOT bored

* Form and technique cues – similar to group fitness – to ensure safety


I’ve streamed workouts from Youtube and Beachbody and can do so on my phone or laptop. I’ve also found idea on Pinterest to use with teaching or in my own workouts on the fly!



Do you workout at home or via a mobile device for ease?

What are your pros and cons with traditional workouts compared to those online or streaming?

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