3 Year Anniversary – he continues to make me better

I’m just going to warn you, I’m about to get real mushy right now … hubby deserves this post and I can think of no better way to express to him how I feel than to do it in celebration of our 3 year anniversary!


On May 5, 2012 I got to look into the eyes of my best friend and marry him!


we're 3 years in


With each anniversary, I try to take time to reflect on that year. To reflect on the things we’ve gone through, the happy times we’ve had, and the things we’ve LEARNED along the way!


I am just going to start by saying WE ARE NOT PERFECT – neither of us are individually and together we don’t have magical superpowers that combine to make us the PERFECT COUPLE.


We fight, we argue, we disagree … we communicate like crap and with each ‘discussion’ we get a tiny bit better – we a human and we are married for Pete’s sake lol.


We are flawed. Each of us respectively as well as together as a couple. I don’t say that to point out the negative out the gate when it comes to our relationship. I say that to begin to paint the picture of why I feel like my husband continues to make me better, each and every day.




When we met, each of us had gone through a lot already. When we met, we met at a time neither of us expected to meet. We weren’t out at a bar or on a dating site or actively looking to date. We met in the gym, all sweaty and looking out ‘not-so-best’ when God put us in each others’ lives.


Over the course of our first two years of marriage we learned a lot about each other, even moreso than while we dated. Yet, in our 3rd year I feel I’ve learned my biggest lesson of all so far: that this man continues each day to make me an even better.


Within this year I decided to go full-time with Fitness and immediately talked to hubby every step of the way. I wanted his input and I wanted to be sure it was what was best for both of us. Through each decision, he’s been there to offer support while also offering another perspective to be sure I wasn’t being impulsive or rational. He’s worked on being the ‘solutions guy’ but I’ve learned that’s a “husband trait” 😉




He has never once told me “No” and has never once told me “Yes” off the bat. Instead, he’s allowed me to explain my perspective and my ideas and my WHY for wanting to do the things I do. He’s allowed me to never lose my individuality but also allows me to try and be the very best friend and wife I can be to him. He makes me better by being supportive, appreciative, positive, and my biggest cheerleader. Be brings be back to Earth when my brain allows me to float all over the place, so that I’m grounded and have a solid plan in place to do what I want to do.


I hope that as we head into year 4, that I can continue to support him, be there for him, and learn from him as we grow in our marriage – I am SO EXCITED for all life has to offer us!


Here’s my 2 year post in case you want to see my recap from that year 😉



Do you buy traditional anniversary gifts each year?
How do you work on the tough times to become stronger as a couple?


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