4 Years with a Lifetime left go to!

Every Cinco De Mayo, we celebrate another year together.


May 5, 2010 = Our First Date

May 5, 2012 = Our Wedding Date!


It’s officially been 6 years since we began dating and 4 since we became husband and wife! Man, where has the time flown?!



Nashville for the Beachbody Coach Summit 2015


This year, I have to say, has been our biggest year of GROWTH. We learned a lot of trust when I decided to do fitness full time at the beginning of this last year, and got into our new groove just in time for us to make the decision to move cross country!


We left Tampa, FL to head to Las Vegas, NV in September of 2015 and that one trip helped us grow more than ever. Not to mention, losing our little Jaeden just two weeks after landing in our new home — I was broken and torn, we both were, and we held each other up by staying positive and knowing we both loved him indescribably and that he lived an awesome 14 year life.


Pilkington Christmas Card 2014

Our last Christmas photo with little J


We’ve been blessed enough to land in a brand new town, missing our home, but being able to blend into a new world. We’ve found an awesome home church, made many new friends, and have found a renewed sense of DISCOVERY in Las Vegas. Gary and I have always been the couple who isn’t about having things – we enjoy DOING things. This city lends PERFECTLY to that mindset!


We’ve enjoyed hiking, seeing lots of new shows, and EXPLORE as much as we can!


Not to mention, our new fur child Tayler came into our lives just a couple of months ago and definitely has Jaeden’s spirit blending well into our home and lifestyle!



Our first family photo at Calico Basin / Red River



Handsome Tayler boy


Gary and I have truly made our relationship and our marriage a huge priority. Not like we hadn’t before, but it’s just been our focus to keep God at the center of our relationship. We read the bible together each morning, pray together each night, have joined a couples group at church, and seek guidance in our lives so that we can keep becoming BETTER.



We love to rock a good wedding photobooth!


We’ve learned to accept those things we once loved and then grew annoyed about in the beginning. We’ve both worked on our personality types to understand our strengths and weaknesses better. We’ve both taken more time to LEARN who each other truly IS and embrace that.


If I were to say one huge positive point this year it’s that one area. LEARNING our PARTNER inside and out. We know what motivates each other, what makes us mad or sad, how to cheer the other up, and how to speak in that person’s love language so that they feel loved as much as possible. We understand we are different and that’s okay — we just have to know how to be the best partner we can be for the other.


Gary is my best friend, my partner in crime, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have him as my sidekick in life.


Happy 4 Year Anniversary, boo! Here’s to even more learning as we progress down this crazy road called life! xo



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