How we found out we were pregnant



THANK YOU for all the outpouring of love and congratulations on our announcement post!


Can I just say how hard it is to keep a SECRET for such a long time?! I know that social media is a huge part of our lives, and mine for some time now since I’ve been blogging since 2012, so it took a lot for me! I know it was such a joyous announcement to keep to us, and one I wanted to be sure I was careful with due to our background with having a child. I knew how happy I was to be pregnant, but I also wanted to be smart about seeing my doctor and checking on the baby at each appointment. Then, I wanted to surprise our parents and tell our family before opening up on here!



While we were away on the Beachbody Cruise in March … and then I headed off to California to Master Trainer camp and to film for Beachbody On Demand, I didn’t feel like myself. I chalked it up to sea sickness and travel, but I was SO TIRED. I kept taking naps and hiding in my room when I could. I felt bad because I really tried to do a lot and see a lot but kept wanting to sit down.



I did make it up to do PiYo on the boat


I even pushed myself while at MT camp because I knew I had to give it my best and show my improvements over the past year!



Remember that first-ever rope climb I did by the Santa Monica pier?


When I got back home, I knew Easter was right around the corner. We’d JUST started ‘trying’ to get pregnant, so missing one cycle couldn’t mean I was pregnant yet, right? I’d been monitoring my ovulation to see how my cycle was and that also meant having predictors and tests galore in the house. I had one pregnancy test that came as a bonus with them and decided that on Easter morning I would test.


I woke up, groggy and sleepy, at 7am on Easter Morning (March 27, 2016.) Gary was downstairs with Tayler letting me ‘sleep in’ so I had privacy to do the test. I shrugged it off to the point where I remember being half-asleep and peeing on my hand {OOPS} because I’m no pregnancy test professional and thought all I would see was a ‘negative’ response.


After my morning pee, I set the test on the counter and did my morning routine. After washing the sleep from my face, I looked down at the test to see 2 LINES. According to the box, that meant I was PREGNANT. HOLY CRAP. NO WAY.


So, in my “no way can this be true” style, I asked Gary to go to the dog park to get out of the house on such a beautiful morning and if we could stop by the store for some allergy medicine (I fibbed that I was ‘out’) on the way home. There, I picked up a digital pregnancy test. This Mac Daddy ought to tell the truth, eh? I’ve told one very closed friend who recommended it and who I called initially at the first freak out moment.


I drank a ton more water, and did the second test while I hid in our upstairs bathroom with Gary downstairs once again. Sure enough, this fancy test said “PREGNANT 2-3 WEEKS.” Well, I’ll be darned …. not only WAS I pregnant, but it gave me the specific amount of time I could be along.


Now, how to tell Gary.



An Easter lamb felt like the perfect addition to the two tests


I wrote him out a card that said “He is RISEN! Happy Easter – and He’s also meant for you to be a FATHER!” and laid it on the lamb + two tests in a bundle. I set up my camera to take video and asked Gary to come upstairs.


He read the card, smiled, and looked at Tayler. HUH?! He said “Yea, I love being his Dad!” …. Okay, time for me to help him see what he SHOULD see.


I said “Honey, what is sitting on the sheep’s lap??”


and then this happened…





We both cried in each other’s arms. So happy and elated, and SHOCKED this miracle could happen! Especially with our past and not knowing it was possible!




We went on to Easter service, meeting up with a friend who I hid our news from [not willingly, of course] and I cried like a baby the entire service. I chalked it up to Easter-good-juju- vibes, but Gary knew why and squeezed my hand as he held it.



Easter morning


We thought it would be fun to wait until around Week 11 to tell our parents in a fun way. When I was a kid, we did TONS of puzzles. It was a family-bonding time for us and we did so many for months at a time. I found a seller on Etsy and had this photo made into a 48 piece puzzle for each one of them.



The puzzle photo


Oh man, what fun it was to listen to them put them together via phone and to hear them discover the coded message with screams and “OH MY!” They know of our past and were shocked but so happy for us and to be grandparents again!


I’ve done my best to hide the bump that is CARBS and all things that kept me from being nauseous [another post to come on surviving first trimester] … but now it’s FREE!



that Rent the Runway dress came in handy!



How did you find our about your pregnancy?

How did you surprise your family?



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    May 26, 2016, 7:37 am

    So beautiful!!! With my first we’d been trying for a few years and after a missed period I was too scared to test, afraid of another negative so I end up waiting for another week and a half or so to be sure I actually was late – I then tested on my husbands birthday and it was positive! Best birthday gift ever!! 🙂

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    May 26, 2016, 9:58 am

    So I’m going sort of crazy over here… I want to see the photos and they aren’t loading on my work computer… but OMG so excited for you!!!

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    May 26, 2016, 6:05 pm

    SEEEEE you didn’t ACTUALLY know you were pregnant when we got lunch. We spoke about it and you kind of suspected something was up cause your period was late! I don’t feel TOOOO mad at you now, LOL!!! 😉

    WOO WOO! baby onnnnn the way! Your baby is going to be JACKED!
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