My Favorite Things: Baby Edition

It’s taking me some time to acclimate with Baby K home to make time to blog! But I have to keep doing what I love, right??


I got to thinking about the products and things that I have been using a TON that I may not have even thought of to get at a baby shower or as a gift! Having a newborn can be a huge challenge – especially for a first time mama – because you’re clueless what you need until you NEED it in the moment.


Baby K is now almost 2 months old and we’re settling into a routine, just the two of us at home as I work from home as a fitness coach. With preparation and planning, each day has been easier than the one before – making sure to keep in mind that meltdowns and crazy days WILL happen.


Crazy days can include BLOW OUTS. I’ve learned a lot about breastfeeding babies and was surprised to learn that they only poop [sometimes] every so many days – not every day like a formula fed baby. WHAT?! That means that it builds up … and makes a surprise entrance ..



I have been IN LOVE with Honest Company Detergent to use on Baby K’s clothes and baby-like things. It’s all natural and doesn’t give her any skin or irritation issues. They now have 4-in-1 laundry packs that are perfect for cleaning a load when you’re in a really ‘poopy situation’ to make life easier and get everything clean, quickly!


When you have a newborn, your touch and voice are all they want most days — mama’s presence is so important. I was blessed to be gifted both a Boba Wrap and a Tula Baby carrier. Since Baby K is on the tiny side, we tend to use the Boba wrap more. It can be cumbersome to use and takes a while to get on, which is why I personally like the ease of the Tula carrier. I ended up getting the infant insert which allows Baby K to sit up higher. What I love about the Tula is the ease of the buckles to put it on and how comfortable and cute it is!



Swaddles are our friend! When babies are new, they like to feel like they’re in a comfy space similar to the womb, Swaddles offer that in order to help them sleep better and calm down in the crazy moments! Our favorite ones are from Love to Dream (photo below) where Baby K’s hands are free to self soothe. If she needs a little more ‘containment’, as I call it, we use velcro ones from Swaddle Me that she sleeps very well in overnight.



Has anyone reading this ever smelled a little newborn or infant’s toots? WHOA! Sometimes the little boogers can’t get their gas out or they have hiccups from their developing lungs. Hiccups used to annoy the poop out of Baby K and we tried gas drops to no avail – I also didn’t want to medicate her if I didn’t have to. So, we tried Little Remedies Gripe Water and she loves it! We used it when she’s having a hiccup spell or lots of gas buildup – it’s all natural so it’s a holistic remedy for their little bellies.



It’s not highly recommended to lather up babies in lots of lotion. When they come home, they ‘shed’ their newborn skin and begin to have that baby-soft feel. Since we’re in the Vegas desert, to keep Baby K protected, I’ve been using Shea Moisture Baby Healing Lotion. It’s got no fragrances or additives, and is made from natural shea and cocoa butter to keep her skin from getting too dry. I can’t say I haven’t snuck some use out of it for myself either … SHH, don’t tell her!



We have so many cute outfits and blankets – all of the cute things that come with having a baby girl. Practical stuff is what is hard to think about when you come home from the hospital, such as these things. We also love:


Our Fisher Price Rock n’ Play (she had a little bit of acid reflux so hated sleeping flat) and it fit easily beside our bed

Dr Brown’s anti-gas bottles

Our Summer Infant monitor that’s wifi enabled

Her Wubbanub pacifiers that fit easily in her swaddle or on her when she had no grip to hold a paci

Anti Scratch infant mittens with velcro because her little nails are razor sharp!


What items did you need when you got home with baby that you hadn’t registered for but wish you had?

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    January 9, 2017, 7:18 am

    We LOVED the wubbanub (still do actually, although I’m trying to wean her from it, ugh). At first I thought it was so silly, and then when I realized she could grip it AND that it didn’t get lost so easily we loved it. We also loved the mamroo for the same reason you love the rock and play. There are so many things to get used to as a new mom and I think you are completely rocking it!!!
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