5 (Cinco) Years: Our Anniversary

A lot can happen in 7 years, right? Gary and I have been together officially for 7 years, and are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary this weekend!


We started out at fit friends from the gym, and grew into best friends who wanted to explore life together!


One of our nights out in 2010


It seems that this past year was the year with the most change between the two of us.


I talked about it in our conception story, but we always did think that our lives would be just us two .. plus a fur baby or two.  I feel like last year was a blur after finding out we were pregnant! That experience was one that brought us closer together amidst cranky hormonal episodes and pineapple cravings!



They always say that becoming a parent truly changes your life and marriage, and they don’t lie! We had some struggles after Baby K arrived, but they were to be expected. We had no sleep, we were stressed from new beginnings, and we had a tiny human to take care of. We were clueless together, and in the end that’s what keeps us united. Praise the Lord we have an amazing support system here with us in Las Vegas and are able to get out to enjoy date nights together. We’ve even gotten a ton more sleep and use the time the baby goes down to recap our day together and enjoy a glass of wine or two … or a beer or 12!



Working out has been the equivalent of staying sane for the two of us, so it’s been a huge priority whether we do it together or on our own time!



Our days can seem rushed and fly by, but we’re learning to savor every moment within them. K has shown us that we were meant to be a bigger family than just the two of us. We were meant to take all of the stuff we learn to teach her how to be the best little human she can be. Gary has helped me bring out the best side of me as a mother, and it’s an amazing endeavor to be on! I know that seeing him become a father has truly helped me fall more in live with him.


We may want to kill each other on occasion, but it’s nothing that a power nap and truce hug can’t fix!



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