New Mom Journal: Weeks 22-24

Yes, I am a tad behind on posts, BUT if we are Facebook friends you get to see the day-to-day up close and personal!


Day 156 – Today is the day!

It’s the day that I got back to running again and being on a plan that will take me to a race at the end of it!

I haven’t run a half marathon in almost 3 years and I haven’t been on a consistent running plan since we were back in Florida. With the baby, and moving across country everything seemed to be in disarray and I knew I couldn’t focus on something that I love so much without putting a lot of heart into it.

My goal with doing #INSANITYMax30 to increase my endurance. As someone who is asthmatic, it can be very easy for me to have issues with my breathing as I run up and down hills so I wanted to have a city base beforehand. I not only lost weight and gain muscle, but my endurance is back to being at a good place to start my training plan!

Some days I will be with the little one in her stroller, and other days I will go out and make time for me to get in some miles by myself. This morning I was able to run out for a quick couple of solo miles well the hubby was getting ready for work and the baby was still sleeping.



On my cross train days I will be doing #BeachbodyOnDemand In my living room to blend in strength and endurance training that I’ve missed on other race plans I’ve done. My goal is to FINISH the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon STANDING UP and without injury!

It felt good to be out with the mountains in front of me putting one foot in front of the other!

It didn’t hurt that K and I also got to Facetime with my mama too who just loves her to pieces and will be here soon to spend some time with us!



Day 160 – All smiles!

How did I get WITHOUT AN ALARM after yummy red wine 🍷 on date night last night??

Who knows! BUT I do have Energize ready to get me geared for PiYo class this morning and our JDRF Nevada Chapter – Adults with T1D Picnic today!

When you slap on brightly colored workout gear, reflect on all of the blessings God’s shown you over the past week, and feel amazing, how can you NOT be all smiles?

Today, I’m focusing on what MATTERS because I can only control one person and that’s THIS GIRL!



Day 162 – Go Mommy Go!

As I wipe the sleep from my eyes this morning to go out for my run, I heard this nugget awake and laughing to herself and this is what I walked into …

A big girl sleeping in her big girl crib, GRINNING FROM EAR TO EAR just to be awake and happy on a Sunday morning!

She’s definitely taught me so much about LIFE:
What matters.
Who matters.
How much energy to give to what and to who.
Getting back to what makes me happy.
Taking time to create memories.
How to WISELY USE MY TIME each day.

She’s cheering me on to get back to running – something I’ve missed so much – and to what truly fills my cup so that I can be the best and most present and happy mama to her that I can!


Day 164 – “I’m going to beat the dudes!”

I didn’t MAX OUT TODAY and made it the whole 30 minutes of crazy town exercises!

Today I remembered that I had Tabata strength on deck as part of my weekly half marathon training plan. I looked at my planner to remind myself of the time I had maxed out before at which was 18:10. I’d originally set out to be that time, but I told myself to not just look at that number and try to exceed my own expectations. As I began my work out, I realize that I had more strength deep down inside then I probably gave myself credit for. I remembered all the hard things I had done in my life or had been through including bankruptcy, financial strain, ups and downs of life, mental illness issues, and most of all birthing a child! I told myself that I can do hard things and I have done HARDER!

So, I PUSHED and watched my form to keep going — told myself that if I physically need to stop because my form is out of whack or I couldn’t go anymore that I would. But, I also told myself that if it was my minds telling me to stop, I needed to shut it out!

I proved to myself that I can do a 30 minute workout full of TOUGH body weight movements and MAX OUT after the dudes in the video. Yup, you find motivation in the craziest ways but it worked!


Day 165 –  Good morning, mama! Let’s RUN!

My pace may have been about a minute slower pushing this nugget, but having her keep me company was amazing. She woke up early today so she joined me on my run and we embrace His word the whole way. I’m blessed for these moments and love my partner in crime to pieces.

I had the best company today on my morning #run!
Baby K woke up around 4am, which she normally doesn’t do … hungry as all get out. No, I was sure she would stay asleep until at least 7 o’clock. Nope! She was up wide awake at 6 AM so, I thought she would just accompany me on my morning run. She did amazing facing forward and exploring the world with her little eyes. It was so tough to push her in the @bobgearus stroller on my regular route because it is all uphill on the way out and by the time you are warmed up you’re coming downhill a little bit on the way back. We listened to the Bible the hallway to stay motivated and get in our time in the word. We started from Genesis this year to make it through the whole Bible, and now are already on 1 Samuel ready to head into 2 Samuel! Can you let your mind clear and enjoy the surroundings and company, a run can go from challenging to being embraced for its toughness and time well spent.



Day 166 – Show me the teeth, damnit!

This adorable ball of love and smiles has not slept the night very well this week. She’s in great spirits, however she is drooling like a crazy person and chewing on everything. I guess I would be relieved to actually see a tooth as the culprit of such drooling, but we have seen nothing come through her gums just yet. So, we just roll with the punches and get up in the middle of the night and then I hope that she sleeps until at least 6 am.

She’s sooooo adorable and smiley … I can’t even get upset.

If anything, I get a free baby comedy show at 2am.


I finally finished writing a piece for Beyond Type 1about life as a Type 1 Wife. Let me tell you, there’s been so many lessons I’ve learned since we’ve been together these 7 years. One of the biggest is that I can be a support, but at arm’s length. I can’t control my husband, but I can always have his back! We use the Dexcom Share app and I can see his blood sugars without even asking – which is a blessing and a curse lol. G had his check up today with the doc and learned he’s down 10 lbs (limited dairy and no processed sugars) since last month and staying in our favorite range of 100-200 has helped immensely managing highs and lows! It’s never perfect and there’s good and bad days, but it’s been a great month of progress for him with his health and for learning for us as a couple.

#type1wife #diabeteseducation #diabeteseducator




Day 167 – New shoes for motivation + what goes on in my head?

So, today was the maiden voyage of the Brooks Running Pure Cadence 5’s I just got in the mail! Oh man, was I in need of some new running shoes!

I knew today I had a 5k on my plan and I thought through every way possible to avoid a hilly route BUT there is none in my ‘hood lol. So, I decided to do some intervals and get through it before the baby got up since hubby was helping me.

Thoughts on my morning run:
“These shoes feel like pillows!”
“Omg when is this incline over with?!”
“I think I want to stop …”
“No! You’re going to keep going!”
“Oh look! A hummingbird!”
“Who’s grilling at 6am??”
“Yup, quick break up this hill …”
“This song is fun! ((Commences singing))”
“I need to watch my gait ….”
“Ugh that tzaziki sauce didn’t sit well…”
“Are we there yet?!”
“Oh yay time to turn around!”
“Almost home …”
“Yea! 9:55 pace?!”

Oh how I’ve missed the mental part of running … the physical stuff hurts but the mental freedom you feel is priceless!


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