Here’s what a weekend at Lake Havasu looks like

One of the things that my husband says he misses about living back east is: WATER. We lived in Florida, so we were surrounded by it. He grew up around lakes and beaches, doing everything from surfing to jet-skiiing at the drop of a hat. I knew that it would be a challenge to adjust to being in a land-locked state here in Nevada, but I also knew that we had many options to DRIVE to!


We’ve taken a trip to the coast of California more than once, have ventured into Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas. We’d gone into Arizona once to visit Willow beach, but had our eye on Lake Havasu as a destination option once the Vegas heat hit us and we were dying for a dose of water!



We spent a weekend in Lake Havasu City with some other friends and family to embrace the summer heat not too far from home.


A 2.5 hour drive from us, Lake Havasu is known for its “Lake Life” feel with tons of water spots and activities to do, family fun, hikes and trails, as well as off-road adventures and shopping. Since we knew that it was closer to home than most of our other trips and we’d be back eventually, we decided to dive right into the boat life of Havasu.



Our crew decided to rent a boat for the day, docking right underneath the famous London Bridge. Since Gary has been on boats all of his life, he was dubbed the “Captain” for the day and we were off! [With snacks and hydration in tow … along with enough life preservers to make me feel safe and sound …]



It was the best day and weekend, floating our cares away! We also had a pool at our house we’d rented, so my idea of packing only a few bathing suits, shorts, and tops was on point!





We had some minor mishaps with our boat, but worked together to end up back safely at the dock before heading back home.


Pros about this visit:

  • Friendly locals at all of the restaurants we visited
  • Close proximity to our rental house and nothing was over 15 minutes or so away in the area
  • Fun boat life and swimming


On our next visit, the plan is to:

  • Remember the HOTTER months, now knowing it was possible to find a location HOTTER than Vegas
  • Look for trails and go off the beaten path on some hikes
  • See the other side of the lake since we’d only gone out of one side of the channel



Have you been to LHC before?

What are your favorite lake activities


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