My Microblading Experience – Boosting Confidence & Speeding Up My Makeup Routine

We all have that “thing” about us. That one area about ourselves that can make us feel a little self conscious. It could be our nose … our legs … our feet … and for me it was my eyebrows!


Call it the “curse of the Asian-girl gene” but I haven’t had much in the eyebrow department for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had very thin hair all over.  During the 90’s and 00’s, I joined the ‘tweeze-your-heart-out’ campaign and did even more reduction to my brows than I could afford to lose! So, I did what any girl would do and learned to draw on my eyebrows and have been doing it for 20 years or so. I don’t just mean “fill in” … I legit DREW these suckers on every single day!


Needless to say, sometimes the brows were on point, and other days they were crooked as all get-out. At least I felt like I had a frame to my face when I decided to do it up in the makeup department.


Left: nothing drawn on / Right: drawn-on brows


I’d entertained the idea of getting my eyebrows tattooed, since I do have almost a full tattooed sleeve on my left arm, BUT I didn’t like the graying that came from tattooing and wanted a more natural look for my personal preference and longevity.


ENTER: Microblading.


Microblading is a form of tattooing where ink/pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine, allowing the artist to do a more natural look. Also, the pigment used blended with the technique allows the coloring to not gray like traditional tattoo ink would.


You gotta love the evolution of permanent makeup!


An amazing friend of mine began her microblading journey, so I was able to give her a [pretty much] blank canvas to practice on as an intern. We set up an appointment for me to come in and start the process!


Immediately after Session #1


I have a completely tattooed left arm, so I was sure I could handle it. I always say that when you know the result is worth it, you’ll go through a little pain. Wink-wink!


After session 1, I saw an immediate improvement in my confidence and how my eyebrows looked! I knew I had to follow the care instructions so that they healed well and all of the steps taken would have been worth it!


Immediately after Session #1


I did go through the “Microblading Emotions” my friend told me to expect, so I knew there would be waves of change coming my way. After about 5 days, most of the first layer peeled off and I almost freaked out. I remembered to stay the course with my care and all would be okay!




About 3 weeks post Session #1


Four weeks after the first session, I had my second. This session was to touch up anything missing from the first session and add another layer of ink to the previous session. After going through the same healing process as I did in the first session, I am set to go for a year before another touchup!


Here’s some things to remember when considering MICROBLADING:

✓ There’s some pain involved but it’s not unbearable – beauty = pain, right?

✓ It’s an investment. If you find a good quality artist, each session can cost an average of $150+.

✓ The investment can outweigh the benefits depending on what you want for your look.

✓ Do your research and find an artist who does a look that matches your style.

✓ Check in frequently in the process of MB; you can add better than you can take away.

✓ Tattooing and Microblading aren’t the same nor done with the same kinds of needles/brushes.




I am one HAPPY HAPPY girl! I find myself running out the door without having to stop to draw on my eyebrows like I did before, especially with limited time to get ready now moreso than before! We should all embrace our beautiful selves, with makeup or without. My experience is solely MY EXPERIENCE. I did this for me, just as someone would get a new haircut or have something surgically removed. We’re beautiful in our own ways and deserve little enhancements whenever we see fit!



What questions do you have about microblading?

Have you had anything like this done to boost your ‘get-ready’ time and confidence?

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