Ways to Push Yourself in your Next Workout

Getting in a workout is a feat in and of itself, isn’t it?


Blocking out even 30 minutes for myself to get my own workout in between clients, blogging, cooking, cleaning, caretaking, momming … it can truly be a miracle for me to even do it!


My goal when I workout is to push myself past what’s comfortable. WHY? Because if I stay in that comfortable place that is so safe and snuggly, I’ll never truly see results continue. I may maintain my physical fitness level, but I want to see what I’m made of. For that reason, I prefer shorter workouts where I increase efficiency and intensity while targetting multiple body parts simultaneously.


Multi-tasking for the WIN!


How does one do it? How can you PUSH YOURSELF in your NEXT WORKOUT?


1. Get off of the BEAT OF THE MUSIC.

Whenever we stay on the beat of the music, we’re solely working at an aerobic level. What the heck does that mean? It means you’re probably working your heart health but you’re not necessarily pushing yourself past that threshold. Challenge yourself to go at your own pace (faster or slower than the beat) to give continuous effort with proper form to do as many reps as you can in the time you’ve set for yourself.


2. Know what an 8-9 feels like on YOUR SCALE of 1-10.

We all know how much we love foods on a scale of 1-10. When it comes to sushi I’m at a 10 and when it comes to liver I’m at a solid 1. When we workout, we want to know what the FEELING of a push feels like. When you’re warming up, you want to be around a 3-4 before beginning your workout. When you’re in a tough pushing phase, be at a 8-9 at the highest. During recovery, be sure you’re at a 6-7 before spiking back up again.



3. Tell yourself you’ve done HARDER SH** before so PUSH.

Now, I have a tendency to tell myself, “Hey, you’ve had a kid, so what’s the worse that could happen right now?”



Even before that, I remembered my journey to lose weight in the first place and how hard it was for me to get going. In the moment, it can feel tough, but the goal is to think back. Where were you before today?


4. Write down benchmarks and BEAT THEM.

Sometimes the weight we want to lose can be an ever present cloud hanging over our heads. Scales can rob us of our joy. So, it’s awesome to beat yourself with what you can physically do! Take a paper and pen or even your phone and do as many of these exercises as you can in a minute:

Squats / Pushups / Jumping Jacks (even if they’re modified with knees down or taking the jump out)

Your goal, then, can be to beat those numbers in the next 4-6 weeks. If you see improvement in either the # of moves or form, you’re on your way!





We weren’t meant to do life alone. Nothing’s to say that you can’t get in a workout solo, BUT it does help to have someone there to stay accountable and push you every once in a while. Why not ask a friend to join you for a walk or run or workout. How about taking the kids to the park and playing some exercise games. When we state our goals out loud, even if it’s on social media and not in person, we are more likely to stick to our plan and push harder! (p.s. A family walk is always good for the soul too!)



What are some ways you push yourself?

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