Let’s keep it as SIMPLE as possible! Food is FUEL. Period. It can taste good, but ultimately it’s what propels our bodies to move throughout space and time. It does try to trick us!

I’ve been there. I’ve seen food as a manipulative means of comforting myself in tough spots in life as well as a way to disengage with what its true purpose is.

My goal, as your NUTRITION GUIDE, is to teach you what I know; to break down food into understandable fuel that can shift your goals from one plateau and into a place you were meant to be in!

  • Understand the basics of what your typical day of eating is doing for your body currently.
  • Learn how to understand what food does within your body.
  • Formulate goals with me for ranges you want to stay in with what you take in daily.
  • Know that you’re FREE to eat what’s BEST for you, and also that BALANCE is the key to FOOD FREEDOM!
THIS. This is good food!

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