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Can’t nobody¬†fly with all that. Wanna fly, you got to give up the sh** that weighs you down.


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Katrina came from humble beginnings that drove her to her purpose to help others much like herself. Albert Einstein said it best when he said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”


Katrina is fantastic because she not only keeps you focused on your short term goals but your long term goals that help you to make permanent lifestyle changes. She knows how to keep you motivated because she truly cares about each individual she trains. Katrina has a vast knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and overall mind/body awareness. Sometimes, all it takes is a small adjustment in our routine to reach our goals and her expertise in pinpointing those areas is key to our success. I loved all of our sessions and always came away from them stronger, wiser, and focused. My time with Katrina was well spent and I have many great takeaways that I use on a daily basis. Her positivity, perseverance, and knowledge are life-changing!


I had the great pleasure to train with Katrina working on improving my fitness and my waistline. I loved Katrina's energy, humor, knowledge about everything fitness, and that she really worked the program to MY needs and interests. She certainly was not easy on me, but did keep me motivated by making sure our program stayed varied and introducing new activities regularly. She assisted me with nutrition and eating goals, but also "got it" that I still wanted to enjoy my wine and life and encouraged me to find a great balance. She is always so positive and upbeat and that it kept me looking forward to all of our times together. She also taught me great moves and workout routines that I can continue to use when on my own at the gym. Her positive influence is a gift in your life, even while you are hitting the workouts hard!


Katrina really helped inspire me to continue on my fitness journey!

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