Working to guide fellow humans towards a broader understanding of life experience, particularly for those in underserved and marginalized groups, through authentic empathy and advocacy. The only way we build understanding is by listening to the life experiences of those who are impacted by systemic inequities the most.

My Standpoint

Diversity only blossoms in safe spaces fostering authentic belonging. Inclusivity of honest voices should be amplified with equity in mind as a reminder that we all didn’t start at the same place nor exist in the same way in this world.

Growing up, I didn’t realize I lived with food insecurity. I was a first-generation American on my mother’s side and a daughter of enslaved ancestors on my father’s side. I grew up as the only Black Asian American I knew, in a low-income area, not fitting into either end of the spectrum. My foundational means of getting through each day was in “survival” mode through forcing myself to socialize while being ostracized and also feeling confused about who I was at my core. 

I fell into the trap of diet culture during my adolescent years, looking to fit into a thin white aesthetic that I would never fit into. It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I started to understand the “why” and “how” behind how to find my healthiest self with fitness. It was also then that I started to piece together how my upbringing played a part in my relationship with food and the decreased availability of healthy food available to me. 

I decided to grow my own knowledge base: both about human connection and about accessible wellness. My goal is to help those who have the least access gain entry into the rooms where decisions are made that impact their life and future. My experience in corporate organizational management and leadership led me to desire a skillset around Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. My life experience drove me to unpack discriminatory practices as a means of sharing truths to propel progress. 

Now, I work with organizations and individuals who want to grow their humility through advocacy for marginalized folks while also continuing to create a domino effect of dismantling harmful systems perpetuating inequities. Using my transparency and experience, I want to help you unpack your blindspots, expand your influence to be more objective, and diversify your perspectives objectively.

Core Competencies for E.D.I. and Anti-racism work:

  • Unconscious Bias rebooted (not your typical corporate training)
    • Bias in the Fitness and Wellness Industry
    • Embracing an Inclusive culture as a Wellness Brand or Organization
  • Exclusions preventing Inclusivity
  • Authentic Belonging through Objective and Empathetic Understanding
  • E.D.I. Strategies for Impactful Leaders
  • Organizational Coaching & Mentoring
  • Training & Facilitation
  • Employee Experience & Inclusion
  • Wellness Education
  • Equitable employee practices
  • Organizational Community-building & Groups