Ch-ch-ch-chia + Zippfizz review & healthy oats!

The tale of Wednesday to Thursday was a very contrasting one. Wednesday I was a bad, bad girl (insert b*itch slap)…I ate almost every sweet thing I saw…there were skittles…and a cookie…ooh and a donut! WTH?! I planned to do just tabata circuit but added on to my workout to make up for my stellarly crappy behavior.
Wednesday’s workout: 30 min tabata routine + 5k run
Thursday I was like “oh, no, Kat, you ain’t funna do that today!” .. not really in that hood jargon, but it sounded about that…and I behaved!
Thursday’s workout: 4 mile tempo run + 1 hour yoga class
P & I did a speedy 4 miler in the am, I napped (lovely after having super horrible dreams the night before) and then I not only trekked into work early but went to yoga class on my lunch! Our instructor is also a runner and did a routine that included lots and lots of glute and hammy stretching, ahhhhh. To boot, all day I avoided sweets! Let’s see, I had a protein shake w/almond milk (my post-run staple), a Kind bar & apple, then leftover cauliflower pizza for lunch w/hard boiled egg. ((applause)) Dinner was beef/shrimp curry that we made at home after my LMT appointment – I swear I’m working on strengthening this left hammy/glute/hip but it still gets icky the more miles I tack on. Totally tolerable, but annoying as all get out.
The cutest assistant a cook could ask for 😉
Slowly but surely we’ve been using this mega load of basil I got last weekend, makes the house smell awesome!
So, Friday will be my rest day. And we all know that when I rest, I do laundry…take out the trash…cook…everything other than sit still..and blog 😉
I was super hyped to get my sample of Zippfizz in the mail yesterday too! I decided to try it out this morning with breakfast (plus woke up with a headache and feeling groggy so I figured it was the best time to test out this new energy drink mix!)
Thanks Mail angel!
I decided to try the ‘orange soda’ flavor since I do love orange soda (diet of course)…Jaeden was a little upset I wouldn’t let him in on the sampling
Verdict: Zipfizz definitely works! It may have been the combination of it and the chia seeds (story coming, I promise) but I felt a good burst of energy (2 loads of laundry done and put away) and no jitters etc and good-for-you ingredients too! No sugar either! Me likey 🙂
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 I finally made it to the vitamin store, too, to get some chia seeds! I’ve been inspired by Stuftmama to use these bad boys to help with energy and also to help build a better breakfast and get me going in the morning! She’s had a ton of great recipes that include them, so I decided to give ’em a shot! Plus she’s a superwoman who has twin boys, runs marathons, and teaches fitness classes all day to boot!
Here’s the creation I came up with (using what I had at the house) and it was great!
Verdict: I feel full without feeling full-full and it’s loaded with protein and complex carbs! There’s plenty of taste and it tackles your sweet tooth!
Cocoa Chia Protein oats
Prep Time: 10 min | Cook Time: 2 min | Servings: 1-2
Ingredients: 1 package instant oats (or quick oats 3/4 cup), 1 egg white, 1 tbsp Cocoa, 1 drop each vanilla & almond extract, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop any vanilla protein, 2 packets of stevia (or splenda)
Cook instant oats w/1 egg white & 1/4 cup water in microwave for 1 min
Mix in 1 tbsp cocoa & a drop of vanilla extract & almond extract
Stir in 2 packets of stevia & tbsp chia seeds
On the side, shake up 1 scoop vanilla whey protein + 1 cup almond milk
Pour protein mixture into bowl & add on top the oats/chia mixture, and whoa la!
I think this is the healthiest breakfast I’ve made in ions! Thanks Stuftmama for the nudge 😉
Any new food additions you’ve been trying?

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