Chevy Go for the Gold Challenge! – Part 1

The last time I did the Chevy challenge, I ran that morning…and regretted it during the day [not knowing I’d be busting a** in an unforeseen workout during the day.) Sunday, I did it again.
Sunday’s am workout: 4 mile recovery run with K.
After our run, I told K I had a feeling I’d be a tad more active during the day but “eh, I’ll just see.” I saw alright.

I put in the address emailed to be beforehand to head out to the Chevy Go for the Gold Challenge to meet up the other gals (Steph, G, Jen & Caroline) from the Tampa Lady Bloggers at 11am. When I turned down the destination street I had no clue what to expect … I ended up at Cinco Soccer.

The challenge was different from the Fit4Life challenge we did a couple of months back.

There were 4 teams of 5. We were all to tackle a challenge at 3 different stops as well as use social media for extra points. In the end, a winning team would be announced!

For your information: I never played any team sports (besides some friendly basketball in middle and high school) because I was never very good at them. Hence, why I run (individual accountability 😉 So thought, “This should be very interesting.”

There was even a friendly soccer dog roaming on the premises
We slapped on our team T shirts and were ready for the first challenge!
We were up against the Fit Life Foods team first
Challenge #1: 5 on 5 soccer. 12 minute games (with a 2 minute break and 6 minutes each 1/2…which felt like forever in the heat – kudos to you soccer players who play out in this craziness.) The winner from that game won the challenge.
Our magical socks will help us win!

p.s. Chevy made this event pretty legit with our own camera crew, good thing I slapped on some makeup! (which was sweat off after soccer, but I am getting off task…)
Jen, Caroline, and Steph ready to rumble

I clicked my heels 3 times to help our chances too
It took us the first 1/2 to get our bearings about us. I played guard to the goalie and ran around in circles…a lot..Soccer is a workout! I had a ball kicked in my crotchal region twice and tried my best to play nice and avoid profane responses. I succeeded all but once 😉 G did a fantastic job as goalie and the rest of us did our best to stay on the ball. We had a few goal attempts, but no dice. Another comment was that the other team had the help of one of the soccer players who was playing before we got to Cinco. Advantage? Meh, I won’t be negative Nancy. Alas we didn’t win, BUT what I did win was hot/sweaty face. See below.

Cotton shirts in 90 degree heat are awesome!
and an adorable goal pic
The guys at Cinco were nice and accommodating without pointing and laughing at us too much. I learned a lot and was surprised I enjoyed running around playing a sport I’d never played. I never even knew this place existed so it was a welcome surprise.
Sunday’s additional workout: Soccer aka running around on artificial turf chasing a soccer ball

Fit Life Foods even though they did beat us by 2 points in the game) redeemed themselves by being the ones who provided us with lunch. I was looking forward to the barbecue beef again, but they were out (sad face.) Instead I tried the citrus salmon and spinach salad. It was such big portion that I didn’t finish!
We were set to head out to Stop #2 (no name just an address) and were told that social media (aka tweeting and facebooking to the GM Southeast page) was a way to earn additional points. We all did sideways, sneaky grins 😉

To be continued…

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    August 13, 2012, 2:44 pm

    This sounds like an interesting adventure- the heat really gets me too, but really the humidity makes it impossible, though I know you know what that’s like living where you are! adorable shoes btw!

  • Reply
    August 13, 2012, 3:10 pm

    So much fun! I love seeing friends working together like this.

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    August 13, 2012, 6:50 pm

    Thanks girls, 2 more stops with posts to come soon!

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