Let’s get busy!… Plus! A review: Aspaeris

In case I haven’t told you yet…which I probably have but I like to be redundant: We’re moving!
Yep, we found a nice place closer to work… & with a garage, yay for Bruce, Trudy, and Sheila! (our bikes) Rightfully so, we’re cleaning up like bosses and throwing things away! I kind of love going through clothes and house stuff and getting rid of the old….makes shopping for the new more of a ‘necessity’ 😉 It IS a ton of work, though, so that’s no joke. But, it needs to be done so we can have an easier move. Over the course of the next 3 weekends we’ll be making a ton of trash trips and trips to the Salvation Army, that I’m sure of. We decided, too, to get movers to help with the fact that Gar has the bum ankle and we’ve both moved enough where it’s time to do that versus ask our poor friends to help…we’re all grown up 😉
Yesterday’s run was pretty awesome, yet it did require some compression love (yay for Zensah sleeves) and icing. About mid afternoon when we were sucked into the Olympics…yes, still…the mail-angel came and brought my Aspaeris compression shorts! I’d seen OUAL post about them and asked her if she used them post-run or on runs themselves. She said that they were great for both so I hopped on the chance to try out some new compression comfiness. My left glute/hammy area has been still irking me (not horribly but just enough) and it especially kicked in after the 12 miler. PLUS they were having a sale (which is still going on until August 9th) where if you use the code RUNRED45 you get their red shorts for $45 + shipping AND they throw in a pair of black shorts! TWO for $45! Once Gar came in with the mail I slapped the red bad boys on for a try!
Jaeden, dreaming about pug compression gear, a.k.a. anti-wrinkle wear
They felt great! I was hobbling around a bit post-run and when I put these on I felt lovely! Today I planned to try out the black pair on my recovery run with K to see how they felt in action.
Yes, they are uber cute
Let’s do this legs!
Sunday’s workout: 4 mile recovery run, our pace was pretty awesome too!
My review of the Aspaeris Pivot Compression Shorts
Comfort: Just like normal compression, you have to remember to put these on like tights and that they’ll be a tad tight until you get them to sit right. Other than that, comfy!
Fit: I looked at the size chart on Aspaeris’ website and got Smalls. They fit perfect!
Any cons? My only con is that they don’t have a pocket. On runs I like to put my car key in a secure place other than my brazier, so a pocket would have been icing on the cake!
Wear: I washed them in my laundry bag that my ‘sensitive’ stuff goes in and they washed just fine in cold water and after an air dry they were good to go!
Do they work? To me, they worked. Whenever I started running I used the Zensah compression sleeves for my calf/shin pain when increasing miles. I think that my glutes/hammies are feeling the same affect on double digit runs so the compression is helping me get over that hump so that my body can become accustomed to higher mileage. When I wear them a little while and walk around I’m not ‘gimpy’ or appearing as a ‘slow moving vehicle’ like I have before (ask hubs, he’s like my walker)
*this review is based solely on my opinion of this product and was in no way swayed by the company. I bought ’em for Pete’s sake 😉
On deck is, yes, some more Track and Field action! Oh, and hubs found out there’s “Mob Week” on AMC so we’ve reached a compromise of commercial-channel-swapping. This ought’a be fun 😉

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    August 5, 2012, 8:51 pm

    Congrats on finding a great place! Also nice job on that run. Glad you get to now relax and watch some olympics!

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    August 5, 2012, 9:57 pm

    thanks for the review! I was looking for shorts! I guess I’ll be purchasing tomorrow!

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    August 6, 2012, 10:23 pm

    Ok, I SO need to go check these out, like, NOW!

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