Moving and shaking

I hate moving.
I really really do.
You never realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated until you move. At that point, I am just happy enough to throw things away instead of saving them. Hubs is just catching on to this. Whoops.
These things are taking over my life right now and throwing off my chi!
I’d made up my mind to set out to achieve a goal on my Saturday long run. For no reason other than the fact that I know we’re moving next weekend (having to split up long run day) and will be in NYC the weekend after (will ‘joyfully’ run and not stick to a scripted schedule), I decided to break the 13.1 barrier. Of course I chose to tackle this feat the weekend that my running buds weren’t able to make it (busy shaking it up out at the club and kicking 5k’s butts.) So, I went into the run thinking a) I should not use my headphones as I’m so used to not having those wires drive me nuts (fundraiser for a wireless headset??) and b) I needed to get used to and enjoy running solo – come race time, I can’t be all needy-beady and latch on to a bud necessarily.
Go figure that the night before, I did not sleep well. AT ALL. I set out to fall asleep around 10pm, and ended up doing it instead around 1230am. Awesomesauce. With a 440 alarm, this was not the start of something great, but I rolled with it. Luckily I had some more Zipfizz to take in the morning, and then I was raring to go!
I met up with some of the running group peeps at 520am for the ‘early bird special.’ We did a 4 mile loop that felt a-ok. I kept a good steady pace even though I was solo (was at a pace between 2 groups so wasn’t completely solo-solo, knaw mean?) I made sure to secretly sing to myself (“when I run by myself, I sing to myself…woooahhaaa”) and talk to myself so that my breathing was level. We met the rest of the group up at  6am to do the 10 mile loop. Wait a second…4 + 10 is 14, not 13.1?? Wait for it. In the 2nd part of the run I being granted a miracle and had company! An old bud from the group who’d been out of the mix a while decided to do the loop and said she’d run with me. I warned her I’d gotten faster, but not as fast as I know she can go but she said she just wanted to finish and didn’t care; she’d stick with me. Yay! So, her and coach stuck with me (well, he veered off 6 miles in) and it helped a TON. My left glute/hammy hip started to give me trouble around mile 10 (for me) and I could tell looking at Dwyane’s splits. Once we did a few hills [that I normally avoid and go to BK instead] I kept looking for Dwyane to hit 13 miles and I would walk..I had to. It was a super humid day, too, and I’d already used my inhaler once. My pal was cool with that and I told her to run ahead. Just as I was about to try to run in the last bit of the loop and finish strong, I saw P ahead coming towards me. Yay she made it, even if it was at the end! It was just what I needed to come in, guns a blarin’…ok, not really but it’s what I pictured.
We went to breakfast, after I guzzled the rest of my Zipfizz, my banana Nuun, and water – I was set to start my Saturday after 2 egg whites & a danish from Panera (our usualy stop.) I ventured home once I saw clouds rolling in and even caught a pretty rainbow.
See, pretty.
I tried to nap, but once again fell victim to the elusive ‘second wind.’ Gar and I had a ton of packing to do anyway…joy. So, a quick trip to Moe’s (YUM) and we were at it. I took a break to start this post…while hubs gave me the evil eye…on the 3rd glare I paused for the day 😉
p.s. it was super cool to go into church today and see my work hanging up, holler!
.. on to more packing ((rolls eyes and sighs super heavily))
Anyone want to help me pack?
* I already had one helper today, thanks Jess!

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    August 20, 2012, 1:10 am

    dude you get up early for your long runs. Man! way to go, you accomplished a great feat this weekend.

    • Reply
      August 20, 2012, 1:19 am

      this Florida heat & humidity is no joke! thanks girl!

  • Reply
    August 20, 2012, 4:40 pm

    You are welcome. And bonus it was fun hanging out with ya!! 🙂

  • Reply
    August 21, 2012, 9:52 pm

    “veered off” – nice! I secretly did not want you to see me go slower due to all out dehydration!

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