We gets crazyyy

Post-move, I was a semi-good wifey and cooked lunch once the kitchen was all set up, but when it came to dinner I knew I had plenty of new restaurants to test out in the area, so why push it?
We headed to Crazy Cafe this weekend, which is like 3 miles up the road from the new house. A Japanese/Sushi place that close to home?? Heck yes!
He’s gotten much better about drinking water, in front of me at least
1st up: Soup and salad
Hubs opted for the tempura platter – a fried food monstrosity

I got the hibachi chicken platter – with the soup and salad it was $10 for everything!
What a pleasant surprise this place was! Super good food, great portion sizes (lunch the next day!) and friendly staff! We’ll definitely be back!
Afterwards, hubs knew what the next stop was per usual “I want fro yo puppy face”
new spoons at Menchies, makes me happy 😉
Posting my Monday Motivation post was a great way to kick off Monday; we were in a new place, I was happy and rested, and ready to take on a 3 day work week!
Monday’s workout: 1 mi w/u & c/d along with 20-30 reps of shoulder/leg/ab exercises – circuit
after I did my blog post I did a quick workout-on-demand with Jaeden
it always pays to have an awesome gym at the jobby-job
We’ll be headed to NYC in 3 days, so I’ve already started to pack run clothes…oh yeah, and other clothes…since I’ll be running with 2 of my cousins who are both training too. One is doing her first 1/2 since I kind of told her she should and definitely could do that distance. The other cousin is training for his first marathon, the Marine Corp Marathon (my fave selection for 2013), after a disastrous attempt years back where he ‘pre-fueled’ with a Big Mac on a dare and gave out at mile 18 (he’s been training much much better this time around 😉
Tuesday’s workout: 5 mile run by the new ‘hood
Hubs sprung up this morning when I woke up at 7 to run (the girls and I saw that Isaac was planning to dump ran around our usual earlier time, so we decided to opt for sleep instead.) I definitely do better when someone is with me (period) much less on a bike. It seems the main road we live by is all uphill but on the way back the downhill is a welcome surprise. Plus, the storm had me enjoying a breezy run this morning.
Any tips for traveling NYC?
Enjoy your Tuesday!     Comment love makes me smile 😉

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    August 29, 2012, 6:21 pm

    Have a blast lady! Take a lot of pictures. I have never been so I shall live vicariously through you. 🙂

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    September 1, 2012, 4:53 pm

    I just settled in the new place and have not worked out since I left Chicago a week ago…it’s scaring me a little so tonight I’m going to walk the dogs and hit the eliptical. Sitting down for a week to drive across country (and all the fast food that comes with it) have made me a bit antsy. Love the photos!

    Have fun in NYC and take lots and lots of pictures (I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves your updates!) Kudos to you for working out on your trip..I didn’t do any of that on my trip across country…then again, it was nothing but driving/taking care of the pug in the car so I didn’t get any workout time in!

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