When in Paris…

Saturday, I decided to tackle the same ‘last-Saturday” long run – another12 miler. K was a trooper once again and met be before the usual group meet up time of 6am (we met at 530am, bright and early!) P Funk joined K and I on the 10 mile loop after we did our early 2. The pace was just the same as last week and the conversation just as funny. We even played a little frogger crossing streets and were lectured on the proper behaviors that should be exhibited by ‘experienced runners.’ Meh..sorry coach!
Saturday’s workout: 12 mile run
I’m so happy with these splits! They’re a) consistent with last week and b) consistent with the pace I should be at for long runs by now, yay for progress! My usual long run about 6 months ago was around a 10:15-10:30 pace so I’m pretty stoked! I haven’t done ‘speed drills’ in a couple of months because I’m not training for any races coming up super soon and I didn’t want to push it with the increase in mileage causing some aches here and there (hip, glute, foot cyst, lovely!) Glad to see I’m trekkin’ forward!
Afterwords I though to myself, “holy cow I’m still alive and feel awesome!” so I didn’t take a post-run nap like usual (I most likely will after this post.) I’d also planned to meet up with a couple of my chicas, S & R, for girls’ lunch.
These drinks mysteriously happened
Afterwards, we indulged in some french pastries from a new shop at the mall called Le Macaron. Yum. R came here a couple of days ago because she heard it was opening and wanted us to try it out too. (She’s looking forward to an upcoming Paris trip in a couple of weeks.) S & I were totally game to be Parisian for a day with her!

Eeny meeny miney mo!
I even brought some home for Gar
He was a happy boy 🙂 
Confession: I had to [duh] stop at the run store and treat myself to some new digs, too, but only because I got some extra flow for selling wedding stuff this week, cha ching!
New Nike hat & shorts!
Usually I don’t like running shorts because they ride up on me like no one’s business, but Nike has these new Tempo shorts with a wider waist band that I wanted to try out…most likely on tomorrow’s recovery run 😉 I usually always wear Nike hats when I run because they fit so well, have the great Dry Fit material, and are light-weight.
I am cramming in some more Olympic action, as it is making its departure tomorrow (sad face.) Hubs has enjoyed the arrival of cable in the household watching Cold case files & Disappeared…really? I have no right to judge, though, because I’ve been busted watching various other [crap] t.v. lately like Storage Wars, Taboo, and Cheaters….I need an intervention, I know.
OH! And these below shenanigans are happening tomorrow, just sayin’.. stay tuned for the recap

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    August 11, 2012, 8:18 pm

    i am dying to try those kinds of cookies. nice job on the 12 miler! Wooot

  • Reply
    August 12, 2012, 12:40 am

    Great pace on the long run today! And how fantastic are those post run treats – yum!!!! That’s how it’s done.

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    August 12, 2012, 2:45 am

    great job with your running!! get it, girl.

    and those drinks look delicious right now… lol.

    sorry im so late on commenting, its been a crazy week and im way behind on my blogs. hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

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