Just delivered: Therafit Shoes!

I was very excited to get this package in the mail yesterday: My first pair of Therafit shoes!
Make Your Whole Body Happy!
I honestly didn’t know it was shoes that were in the package until I opened the box and read the card inside; very sweet touch Therafit!
I was very excited to have the opportunity to try these shoes through FitFluential; we all know of the rough road I’ve traveled when it comes to running shoes and proper shoe wear for me in general – two words: picky feet. I am always open to different brands and types of shoes because of all of the new technology that’s out there…I don’t discriminate!
Therafit shoes were made for women, to help with overall wellness and comfort through all of the million things we do every day: workout, work, run, grocery shop, build empires. The key was to create a shoe that could last through our daily routine while remaining comfortable.
“Combining European inspired design with patented technology, Therafit has created a fashionable, long-wearing shoe, perfect for all hours of a women’s day.
Co-developed by Dr. Lisa Masterson, of the Emmy award-winning series, ‘The Doctors’, Therafit believes in empowering women to embrace wellness in all aspects of their lives. We know that combining fashion with comfort gives women a solid foundation, both at work and at play.
Endorsed by the National Posture Institute, our patented technology provides cushioning and support helping to reduce the aches and pains that come from the stress of everyday activities. Utilizing the patented Personalized Comfort System (PCS), each shoe lets you adjust the impact protection and cushion level to fit your personal needs. You decide what works best for you.”
Did someone say posture? I need help with that! Running injuries stem from improper form and posture, and I have learned that first-hand. Any way I can improve that form will only help me keep going strong and injury-free! Knowing these shoes were made specifically for women assures me that form was taken into consideration with all-day wearability.
On a very important note, the colors offered are pretty stellar. Which did I opt for? You’d guess pink and/or black and purple from my past shoe-buying behaviors right? Well, I decided to change things up a bit and opt for these beauties so I had a little variety in my stash: 

My goal is to try them on my circuit training days at the gym (for stair work and strength training) and also on mid-week runs. I want to stick to using my regular running shoes for long runs until I get a feel for the newbies, but use these for easier runs to get a feel for the way they can help my form, landing, and comfort.
Therafit’s technology is founded on a layered approach to comfort and usability for women on the go. I was also intrigued to see that you can adjust the sole’s support!
“Built into each pair of Therafit is their patented cutting-edge technology; the outsole can be adjusted to allow an increase or decrease in impact resistance. The Therafit Personal Comfort System (PCS) Technology also utilizes three specially designed dual-density adapters located within the shock-absorbing wedge that can be removed to change the shoe’s impact resistance and cushioning. Tired, aching feet? Remove one, two or all three of the Personal Comfort Adapters to change the resistance. Ready for a different feeling on your feet the next day? Pop them back in and get going!”
I already dig the appearance and feel of the shoe; durable and comfy when I slipped them on. A light job around the house and hubs had to remind me that I’m resting these next two days…party pooper.
Guess who’s wearing them to work to enjoy the 12-hour wear? this girl, hello!
Ready to try these babies out! Thanks Therafit!

** STAY TUNED for my review of these shoes plus an opportunity to receive a discount on your own Therafit shoes using a code that will also benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) – a charity close to my heart – AND I just might have a Giveaway in store as well! 😉
Disclosure: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.

HI! I'M KAT - I am a pug-mom, wife, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, & Fitness Coach focusing on living the fit life while tackling work, coaching others - doing it all! My blog is to hold me accountable for all the goals I plan on accomplishing and also a way for me to try to inspire others through my own experiences - if I can do it ANYONE can! Fitness is a huge part of my life as well as travel and seeing all that life has to be lived! PAY IT FORWARD!

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  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 1:37 pm

    Pretty!!! I hope you enjoy them 🙂

    • Reply
      November 15, 2012, 2:22 pm

      me too! I know I’m ‘resting’ today, but might just do some upper body at the gym and wear these puppies!

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 1:52 pm

    Oooohh! I bet mine are waiting for me at home! I’m excited to try them!

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 1:59 pm

    Love them! Can’t wait to read your review on them!!!

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 2:24 pm

    So excited to hear what you think of them!

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 2:41 pm

    Those are interesting looking. I hope they feel good during your work day. Keep us posted!

    • Reply
      November 15, 2012, 4:10 pm

      I’m really liking the adjustable cushioning the most!

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 3:18 pm

    Those sound like awesome shoes!! I haven’t heard of them before! I can’t wait to hear how they work for you!!!! Have a duper day, pretty lady!

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 4:21 pm

    I have never heard of Therafit, but look forward to hearing how you like your new shoes. They certainly are pretty!

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 4:50 pm

    They really are a great looking shoe! Nice review and I hope you love them!

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 4:55 pm

    I’ve had mine for just over a month and I love them. They have made a world of difference in how I exercise. I have little to no lower back pain as a result of wearing my therafits. I’ve also lost 17 lbs. since I got them…YAY !!!

    • Reply
      November 15, 2012, 5:51 pm

      The Therafit Team is so unbelievably excited that all you ladies love our shoes! We are even more excited that mkupmstrss73 has had oh so much success! Keep it up girl!
      -The Therafit Team

    • Reply
      November 15, 2012, 8:46 pm

      awesome story and thanks for sharing! I’ve been wearing them ALL day and so far so good! Even lots of compliments 😉 I was good taking out one of the heel stabilizers too

    • Reply
      November 16, 2012, 5:26 am

      Wow, I hope I lose some weight from these puppies! haha 😉

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 6:09 pm

    Very cool! And I love that Dr. Lisa had a hand in developing them.

  • Reply
    November 15, 2012, 10:11 pm

    Ohhhh…me likeee!

  • Reply
    November 16, 2012, 3:31 am

    love the new kicks!!

  • Reply
    November 16, 2012, 5:25 am

    Ooh, fancy! I cannot wait for mine to get here!! Waiting, waiting!

  • Reply
    November 16, 2012, 10:07 am

    Those are very cute! I have plantar fasciitis so I can only wear comfortable support shoes and I can never walk around barefoot. I could totally use a pair of those. I will need to check those out.

  • Reply
    November 16, 2012, 12:21 pm

    They look cute! Can’t wait to see what you think of them.

  • Reply
    November 16, 2012, 1:09 pm

    “Did someone say posture” as I sit slumped over my laptop… Thanks for calling me out, Kat! I’m curious to see what you think of them. I pronate terribly and since the marathon my left foot has ached during/after runs. =/

    • Reply
      November 16, 2012, 1:57 pm

      Haha we have to be hot when we’re older so that means no slouching! 😉

  • Reply
    November 16, 2012, 3:53 pm

    Love your blog & Therafits! MKUPMSTRSS73 – how did you lose all that weight? Way to go!

    • Reply
      November 19, 2012, 5:57 pm

      Sorry for the delay. Before I got my Therafits I had alot of heel and lower back pain. I had a very hard time walking. I won my shoes on the Therafit facebook page and as soon as I got them I jumped right in them. After my first walk I noticed that the pain in my heels was gone and my back felt 60% better than it had after a walk. Now i’m walking daily and I go to a gym close to my home. I have a long way to go but I know my Therafits are going to get me to my goal. I hope you try them out and love them as much as I do !!!

  • Reply
    November 16, 2012, 6:56 pm

    Oh, how interesting. I’ve never seen a shoe with adjustable soles! Definitely looking forward to seeing how they do for you.

  • Reply
    November 17, 2012, 1:28 am

    Interesting. Would like to take a look at these, never seen removable pieces. Love that color, though!

  • Reply
    November 29, 2012, 5:43 pm

    All of the amazing feedback keep us smiling! Make sure to check us out and join our Pinterest Contest which launched today!

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