Fitbloggin: The Workouts!

I can barely figure out how to begin my Fitbloggin recaps – It’s been one crazy weekend of workouts, friends laughing, dance contests, and fun times for sure!
So, I decided to split up my Fitbloggin recaps into parts:
The Workouts
The City & Eats
The People & What I learned
I’ll start with the workouts!
Day 1: A run in the Pearl district –
I arrived in Portland on Thursday afternoon  and was picked up by the lovely Katrina from FunkyFitnessPDX. {I was so excited to meet her!} We immediately headed over to Firebrand sports for a group Pyrolates class that started shortly after. I decided to run in The Pearl area of Portland to get a lay of the land instead.
The ladies did a tough and schweaty workout – as evident from their faces when I returned. Firebrand offered a few great classes I was bummed to miss including a tilt spin class! I was happy to see what a tough group of us we were for immediately working out upon arrival!
On and on the left there, my twin, Melissa from Melissa Running It who I happen to get into more fun trouble with over the course of the weekend, but more on that later πŸ˜‰
Day 2: A long run on the waterfront & then Zumba –
I knew I had to get in a long run while in Portland since I was beefing up miles for Marathon training the next weekend. I was able to meet another awesome person, Erica, who ran with me along the waterfront a few blocks from our hotel, the Nines.
We saw lots of pretty mountains and even a hipster living under a bridge!

After that, I came back for breakfast and ended up doing Zumba for an hour too!
Melissa modeling some Reebok dance wear – Zumba friendly!
Day 3: A 3-a-day: Sweatpink Yoga, Jumpsport fitness, and a Mini WOD from Reebok –
Yup. I’m crazy. But I couldn’t pass up the chance to do a yoga class lead by the lovely Jamie of FitApproach/Sweatpink/SweatGuru!

Look at Shannon, all powerful and ready to crow!
I even did my first crow pose! Jamie was an awesome and adorable instructor. She lead us through some challenging poses, but had fun music and an upbeat attitude – love her!

me with Becky & Giselle
Then, after breakfast, was Jumpsport fitness with Jeff! He was one crazy, zany, fun, lively, energetic instructor! Don’t even think of stopping, he’ll get on you! We were all drenched in sweat after this workout and I definitely want a trampoline now to just jump on in front of the TV and at home!

Top: Twinsie Melissa & I “What are we doing?!”
Bottom: Hutch and I having a blast
Go Hutch, Go Hutch!
After all of this, there was a Mini WOD from Reebok – after some instruction on situps, pushups, and squats lead by Mike from the Reebok Training Facility & some local Crossfit coaches.
Uh oh
The WOD was only 4 minutes: AMRAP of 5 pushups/7 situps/9 squats. Color me done after that!
Day 4: A fun run/10k-ish run: There was a final 5k or one mile of 10k run planned on our last day for Fitbloggin. Dani and I’d planned to wear our Sparkle skirts, which made the event that much more awesome.

The loop we took went over 2 bridges and along the waterfront again. I headed out with Dani and Erica, but Erica and I decided to maintain an easy pace after all we’d done that weekend and to enjoy our last (or so I thought) day in Portland!
We caught up with Anne who ran the rest of the run with us. We lost our run leader and didn’t know the exact route, so it ended up getting cut a but short, no biggie.

with Anne and Erica

A trip to Starbucks for blueberry oatmeal after was definitely in order!

I didn’t think I’d be THAT active this weekend, but was happy to be able to workout tons and then enjoy the foods (post to come soon) that Portland had to offer – what a great city to be active in!
Final Tally: 18 miles ran & 3 workout classes taken in Portland!
There were more workouts at the Fitbloggin event that I didn’t take part in such as Reebok Cardio Dance & Bootcamp.
 How do you stay fit on the road?
Which workout(s) would you probably have done?

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