FUN runs aren’t races – The Electrodash 5k Race Recap

A few months ago I knew I’d be doing the Electrodask 5k with hubby and a client and some friends from work and couldn’t wait for the chance to NOT race but enjoy a fun time while also focusing on FITNESS!
We got to the Florida State Fairgrounds before our wave time and met up with our peeps before the event kicked off.
We got some fun swag including glow bracelets, necklaces, and glasses to boot!

The course took us around the Florida State Fairgrounds with illuminated fixtures and DJs pumping music through the crowds. 

Throughout the course our main thing was to enjoy it and have fun – not to run around people or zig zag like crazy. With the reduced lighting, we didn’t have time for any injuries!
Tips for ENJOYING Fun Runs (5ks, etc.) since they’re NOT races!
* Wear NO watch – it’s not needed. Leave that guy at home
* Go with friends of all paces and speeds. Bounce around and hang out with everyone!
* Cheer EVERYONE on! Instead of getting upset someone stops right in front of you, pat them on the back and say “Good job, keep it up!” It keeps it light and not stressful like most races can be.
* Goof off. Easy peasy.
* Stop for photos. This is a usual Disney habit for me, but transcends easily into fun runs 😉
This was a great break to end our week and kick off the weekend! Many people we knew and saw hadn’t run that far in a long time and were able to enjoy getting back into the running game without added pressure. Now, that’s the way to do it!
How do you enjoy FUN runs every once in a while?
Does it take some effort to get out of the RACE mentality for you?

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    April 3, 2014, 12:18 am

    To me, ‘fun’ runs are any time I run with friends or when I’m not training for something. I have never done one of these fun run events. The only reason I haven’t is because I have absolutely no desire to pay the registration. I figure if I’m going to PAY to run, it ought to be a timed race and a chance for me to test how I’ve improved. That being said, if enough of my friends were going one of these types of events, it might be worth it to pay for it and just run around for fun. I don’t part with my money easily. 😉

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