Beachbody Coach Summit 2014: Part 3 – Connecting + a Momentum GIVEAWAY!

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The People. That’s always my favorite part of any conference. Through the internet, through my blog, through the Beachbody family, and beyond – expanding my network of ‘family’ with like-minded and genuine people makes me so happy each day – this reigned true for the Coach Summit as well. So, for the last post in my Beachbody Coach Summit 2014 “series” I wanted to take time to focus on CONNECTING at events like these.


Lisa and I were only able to meet once before we were set to hang out at Summit, but since she and I talk every day and keep each other on track with not only our Beachbody focus but life in general – we were bound to have a great weekend of connecting! We’re definitely two organized, gluten allergic, and focused buds!




I was also able to connect with peeps from Team Thrive (my main Beachbody family) and friends who I’d known on Facebook or Instagram but never got to hang out with – LOVE when this comes together!




Everyone has so much to offer that you can learn from and all you can do is build networks with people to not only enhance your knowledge and skills but to keep connections. Connections that’ll help you also enhance your own sense of self.




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As I enjoy a FITBLOGGIN weekend with even MORE inspirational and motivational people from the interweds and beyond, I wanted to also do another giveaway for Momentum Jewelry! I was able to review their Motivate Wrap Bracelet …




As well as their Foot Notes shoe charms – of course I’d pick DIG DEEP! 😉





I’ve been wanting to try the jewelry for a while as I’m not a huge jewelry person in general. I wear my ring and earrings sometimes, but normally bracelets are too big on my wrists so I just wear a watch. The Foot Notes are awesome because they add a little pizazz to your shoes to give you some UMPH while you’re running and/or working out!


I’m able to GIVEAWAY One Motivate Wrap Bracelet OR a Pair of Foot Notes to one reader! Enter below to win! and use code GGS 158 for 15% off between now and 9/15/14!


* Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to review Momentum Jewelry products in exchange for a review and giveaway opportunity, all opinions in this post are my own.


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