Is there a Method to your Strength Training MADNESS

When it comes to that set of banging’ biceps you’re working on or that shoulder definition you’re focusing on, there is a multitude of ways you can go about strength training!


Let’s dive into each of these STRENGTH TRAINING METHODS into a little more depth to give them some more umph to their name!




Single Set: One of the oldest forms of resistance training, Single Set training is also one of the most used.  Usually performed with 8-12 repetitions with weight 30-70% of your 1 Rep Max, Single Set training relates to doing  set of 2-3 of the same exercise before moving on to a new exercise or new body part. Benefits from this form of strength training can be form improvement and focus through slow and controlled movement of one particular body part through that mode of strength.


Super Set: A super set of exercises can be done in a couple different ways. If you are focused on endurance or power you can pair a strength movement (i.e. bench press) with a power or endurance movement (tricep pushup – fast pace) done back to back to gain maximum exertion within that same muscle group. For strength gains, you could also super set [in that same situation] a bench press with a barbell paired with an alternating ball chest press using around the same weight to tax that muscle group and improve maximum strength.


Pyramid Training: Just like the name, pyramid training can include going from heavy to light weight doing the same exercise or going light to heavy. Depending on your goals, you may want to test the strength of that muscle group with either load or higher repetitions with lower weight.


Vertical Loading: Using exercises that start with legs, for example, working upwards to arms, this form of training can maximize the use of each area of muscles before moving on to another ‘region.’


Peripheral Heart Action: For anyone on Beta Blockers or with heart issues, this method is one that’s smartest to consider in order to train safely and effectively for those specific needs. In order to avoid too much strain on the heart, this form of training alternates between a muscle group on the upper portion of the body to then working on muscles within the lower part of the body.


Circuit Training *MY FAVORITE*: Due to time constraints, most of us enjoy a good circuit training workout so that we can make the best use of our time while working all muscle groups. Circuit training takes a session through different exercises in succession all done with a few rounds of all of those exercises. Circuit training can also be effective using compound movements that use multiple muscles at the same time so that you get a higher metabolic burn using multiple muscles at once.  *HERE* are some examples of Compound Movements!


It’s good to remember that you can be creative and think about using weights or using our own body resistance when it comes to any of these methods – may be more challenging with loading – so the most widely used form would be Circuit Training.


When you take the time for resistance training for strength, which methods do you use the most? Are you mindful of a method at all?

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