Why SUPER foods are SUPER good

There’s no doubt about it that diet counts for 5 gazillion % of fitness success, so that’s where my focus has been lately! Since completing the 21 Day Fix, I’ve been making sure to stay focused on proper food portioning in order to continue those habits (takes 21 days to make one!) and be aware of eating a little at a time throughout the day. LOTS of nutrients being in my system have definitely helped me fill in gaps that make me fell satisfied without craving sugars or candy as often – SHOCKER! I mean, I cheat, no lie – BUT I don’t cheat daily – no more candy bowl for this girl!I do take LOADS of antioxidants a day in my Shakeology so adding Matcha not only AMPS UP the Antioxidant power of this Super Food awesomeness, but can help transform it into a Green Tea smoothie [when using Vanilla] to give it a new and unique flavor!
[Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to review Kiss Me Organics’ Green Tea Macha powder in exchange for a compensated review – all opinions in this post are my own]




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Examples – Açai berries, acerola cherry, bilberry, blueberries, camu-camu, goji berries, pomegranate, rose hips, luo han guo, grape seed, green tea (a.k.a. Matcha)
Why? These protect the body from free radicals, prevent cellular damage, and promote cardiovascular health
Proteins and Amino acids
Examples – Whey protein, brown rice protein, pea protein, sacha inchi, quinoa, chia, flax, & amaranth
Why? These guys help build and repair muscles, reduce hunger and food cravings, help keep blood sugar steady, promote healthy skin, hair, and nails, support brain function to help promote alert thinking and well-being, as well as support your immune system to help you stay healthy and strong!
Examples – Bacillus coagulans (Lactobacillus sporogenes) – most known in the form of yogurts and like cultures
Why? Probioticse are the good, healthy bacteria that live in your intestines that also promote healthy digestion and normal colon function
Examples – Moringa, chlorella, spirulina, spinach, barley grass, kamut grass, oat grass, and wheatgrass
Why? Phytonutrients support strong immune function, promote healthy aging, help detoxify the body, and promote an ideal alkaline state (keeping the acidity level low and at a desired level.)
Most of us have a hard time fitting these guys into our daily diet due to most quick-food sources not having many of them, but there are ways out there to fit them in! 😉 That’s one reason I drink Shakeology daily – real talk!

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Do you include Super Foods in your diet?
Which ones?

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