Training Tip of the Week: Partner Exercises

Everyone has preferences for their workout time. Some like to workout with others while some prefer to do it solo. Either, of course, works just fine! I know I’m one of those who enjoys a solo workout on a regular basis. BUT I do like to BUDDY UP with Partner Exercises to give things a nice change of pace and add variety to your workouts!




Buddying-up can benefit workouts in a few different ways! Not only do you break the monotony of solo workouts when we slide into a plateau, but it can also create accountability between two people AND add in quality time to boot! WIN WIN!


Here’s some examples of PARTNER EXERCISES you can try out with a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, pet – anyone! (Just be safe when attempting to do these with, let’s say, a Maltese.) KEEP IN MIND these can seem a bit “advanced’ for the beginning worker-outer – so you can modify by being flat on the ground and tweaking per the descriptions below.




Plank High Fives: You and your buddy plop down into an plank. With hands aligned with shoulders and your core tight, keep the feet and legs about hip’s width apart. Tighten the core the whole way through to maintain balance! High Five each other diagonally or straight across at a slow to medium tempo to not only work the shoulders but also enhance core stability. You can release the knees down as a regression to MODIFY this movement as well.


Wheelbarrows (with a push-up:) You can attempt this even if your buddy is of a different size or stature from you. I can do these with hubby as long as I keep myself stable with my knees slightly bent and back upright. The partner doing the Wheelbarrow push-up goes down into a plank and once their core is tight, the partner who is lifting does so with leg strength (vs. back strength – adding in injury potential to the back.) The push-up partner does enough they can handle before then signaling the standing partner to slowly lower their feet back to land. A way you can MODIFY this movement to regress it would be to have your partner who is pushing up do their plank and you do the same by connecting your hands to their feet and alternating pushups.


Decline Crunches: I will tell you that we giggled a lot doing this movement. Pause for inappropriate giggle.  It can be done mixing and matching the sexes, but it’s best to look at it as an exercise movement and try not laugh hysterically. Ha. The crunching partner hugs the standing partner’s neck/shoulder area before both readying to have the crunching partner lift their legs and wrap around the standing partner’s waist. Once ready to work on the core, the crunching partner slowly lowers until they feel contracted abs before coming back up to crunch. A way you can MODIFY this movement to regress it would be to both sit with legs bent facing each other and toes touching, then one perseon goes down for a sit up and when they come up the other goes back into theirs and alternate.


What other buddy or partner exercises can you think of or have used?

Do you usually workout alone or with others?

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