Weekly Workouts Roundup: Staying Connected

Week of August 9, 2014:


Saturday 8/9 – Driving all day with a walk around Savannah

Sunday 8/10 – 5k Run

Monday 8/11 – Mid Day Walk + PiYo Class

Tuesday 8/12 – 4 mile run + PiYo Class

Wednesday 8/13 – T25 Core Speed + Mid Day Walk

Thursday 8/14 – 5k run + Insanity Class

Friday 8/15  –  AM PiYo Upper Body + Walk


Ah, time to get BACK AT IT this week right?! Shew! We were in the car for 13+ hours Saturday heading back from NC and thankfully were able to food prep like madmen on Sunday to get the week started! I knew I had a busy week ahead of me, as tired as I was, so had to stay pumped and focused to start teaching 5 classes in the week!


14 - 1


Teaching is something I never mind…I never dread it, I never DON’T want to go to work when I teach. It’s Fun! And I always get smiles cracked at me amidst the sweat! I continue to remember that those workouts aren’t mine, but that doesn’t mean they’re not WORK!


To keep up with my mileage and endurance at the same time, I decided to stick to running 3 times a week – twice in the week and once on the weekend. I have the Women’s half marathon on deck for November and a 10k next month so trying to treat my tendinitis in the interim.


Since I was teaching Insanity, which is tough to start with, I knew I wanted to blend in some shorter T25 workouts in when I could to keep up the agility and speed part of my fitness. I have loved Core Speed and Speed 2.0 and am contemplating getting Gamma from the workout set! You can’t beat 25 minute workouts that get you speedy and sweaty!





To give a random update for the week, I’m happy to announce that Stacey Dash…my Macbook Air…is PAID OFF! In 2 months I was able to use my coaching income to pay off my new best friend! YAY! We’ve recently started to use the Macbook more and learn about the functionality. I worked on and off in our long car ride and couldn’t have been more thankful to have our Jetpack from Verizon for WiFi on the go! While we were in the OBX with the family we learned about the Thunderbolt cable and how we could watch streaming video online and then on our TV. Yes, I may be behind in learning this technology haha!






G already called dibs on the Ellipsis tablet, so WiFi has definitely been working overtime when we’re on the road! We’re such busy bodies, it’s nice to know we can still live the #ConnectedLife, staying connected at the same time! I even have all of my class playlists on my iPhone to teach and can tweak playlists as I need to – SO easy!

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