Weekly Workouts Roundup: Motivated with New Gear

Week of September 6, 2014:


Saturday 9/6 – Insanity Asylum warmup before PiYo Class

Sunday 9/7 – 10k Run + Stretching/arms

Monday 9/8 – Insanity Asylum Strength + PiYo Class

Tuesday  9/9 – 5 Mile Run

Wednesday 9/10 – Insanity AM Class + Walk

Thursday 9/11 – 5 Mile Run + Insanity class

Friday 9/12  – Insanity Class


Along with getting back to my new weekly teaching routine after returning from Boston, I was able to enjoy the motivation that comes from new outfits!
Disclaimer: I was provided apparel from both Reebok as well as JDSports.com and Victoria’s Secret via Influenster to review for posts – all opinions and results from wear are my own.


When I look for workout gear, to me it’s not all about appearances – even though that’s part of it! I look for sports bras to HOLD IT DOWN while I also wear shorts that don’t ride up and pants that stay put! I also look for pants to fit well on the waist and not squeeze anything tighter than is necessary.



Running feels great in the Nike Pro Safari Bra and Capri Pant via JDSports.com


This Safari set from Nike via JD Sports worked perfectly for my 10k run on Saturday! The compression bra fit well and didn’t chafe at all. The pants were comfortable and with the Dri-Fit material, any humidity-induced sweat wicked away before I could feel it.



Left: Reebok Dance top + Nike Pro Garnet and Fuchsia Pant / Right: Under Armour Heat Gear Alpha Bra


I wore this Reebok Top that I found at headquarters last week to teach PiYo on Monday. It’s super comfortable and I can even see myself wearing it as a transition piece from gym to dinner or out and about!  The Nike Pro Pants were simliar to their Safari print cousins above and flexed with me as I bent through PiYo movements. Another option from JD Sports, this UA Bra fit similiar to the Nike compression bra during my Insanity Strength workout this week.



Victoria’s Secret made it happen with the Standout Bra + Knockout Capri

Through Influenster, I was offered the opportunity to review gear from #VSSports! I tried out their VS Standout Bra & Knockout Pants during Insanity class this week and they worked like a charm! The pants were of a thicker quality and fit with compression-like tightness and the bra was super supportive. It was a bit challenging to take off and put on with the crosscross in the back, but it wasn’t anything I haven’t figured out before.


Sometimes the test of workout gear, too, can come from their longevity. Do they come apart in the washing machine? Do they get fizzies on them after one wash? Can they handle the ‘challenge’ that comes from stinky sweat from a long run and then come clean after a good wash? So, time will tell for sure!


This week also kicked off my first official week of Half Marathon Training for the Women’s Half Marathon in November! I waivered back and forth on running the race because of the tendinitis in my left foot, but want to give it a shot. The tendinitis is still there, but with proper stretching and dorsiflexion, it’s been feeling a lot looser and warms up easier during runs and workouts. Since most of my issues stem from my calf area, I try to use the Stick and foam roll them after each run during the week – AND THEN I got the news yesterday that the race was cancelled 🙁 While I could find another race to run I think I’ll just enjoy long runs easy and take the pressure of race prep off of myself for now. If this isn’t a sign, then what is?



How was your Week in Workouts?

 Are you in the market for new workout gear? What gear catches your eye .. or wallet? 😉

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