Weekly Workouts Roundup: Oh the DOMS

Week of September 13, 2014:

Saturday 9/13 – 2 mile run interval warmup before PiYo Class

Sunday 9/14 – 10k Run + Pullup circuit (with band)

Monday 9/15 – AM cardio / 2 mile Run intervals + Body Beast chest/tris + PiYo Class

Tuesday 9/16 – Insanity Core Cardio + PM core and arms workout

Wednesday 9/17 – Insanity AM Class + PM core and legs workout

Thursday 9/18 – 2 mile Run intervals + T25 Speed 1.0 + Core and legs and shoulders + Insanity Class

Friday 9/19  – Insanity Asylum Speed & Agility




What the heck am I  even talking about?


Why, Delayed Onset Muscle soreness of course! And yes, I have had it all week!


DOMS happens when we workout – essentialy we’re creating little micro-fiber tears in our muscles particularly when we strength train. After the Women’s Half was cancelled last week, I decided to take it as a sign that the race just wasn’t meant to be instead of training on the ever-lingering tendonitis in my left heel. That means, it’s BACK to Insanity and BACK to lifting again – it’s been over at least 3 months since I’ve lifted so this was a true WAKE UP CALL to get back back in it!


It’s really hard to get re-adjusted to the world of being able to do strength training and circuit training instead of feeling like I have to run 3-4 days a week like clockwork. Do I miss running? Of course I do, but I enjoy getting out there and running because I WANT to not because I HAVE to and being able to throw in some intervals so that I’m still getting in my beloved HIIT training. Don’t forget I have workout A.D.D. 😉




I mostly feel some soreness in my back and traps from working on pull-up. I have a pull-up assist band, which is helping, and I’m just about there to doing a full pull-up on my own! Yay for little victories!  Triceps and chest are used to the bazillion pushups I do weekly in class as I teach, so it’s not a balancing act to get all of the muscles to work together – and PLAY NICE! I’m trying to get acquainted with the squat rack because I haven’t used that bad boy pretty much EVER! It’s a little nerve-wrecking to use your core to balance, but I’m starting to get the hang of it! After visiting the Reebok HQ  this month, I began to realize I needed to venture out more into the realm of FITNESS in general to test myself with some new workouts and ways to challenge my body!




How was your week in workouts?

Have you experienced a case of DOMS?


What are your favorite new strength moves?

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