Down dog lessons from a pug

Jaeden is a simple pug.


He enjoys time laying around the house and eating snacks and food here and there. At 13, he’s not as spritely as he once was, but wise nonetheless.


The other day we were having a little QT, like we always do, and I decided to pick his brain about one of my favorite poses, Down Dog from PiYo and other yoga and stretch classes.


Whenever he’s super excited or barks to say hello to us, he usually assumes this position, so I thought I’d translate some lessons on Down Dog through the woofs of a pug…


Jaeden tells me he loves the stretch that down dog pose gives because he can feel the release in his back while he puts his head down and his hind quarters in the air. He said he tries to keep his rear paws (aka our feet) about hips’ width apart while keeping his front paws about shoulder’s width apart. He pushes back with his paw-palms to try to get his rear heels to touch the ground, but it usually doesn’t happen.




Whether it’s used as a transition stretch, part of a yoga routine, or post-workout stretch – Down Dog has amazing benefits on the entire body that Jaeden and I wanted to share!


Benefits include: a strengthened back and elongated spine, [over time] stronger wrists and forearms, as well as a stronger hamstring stretch and stronger shoulders!



Jaeden wants to know:

What benefits do you feel from Down Dog?

Do you feel it’s okay for dogs to join group fitness classes or the gym in general?

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