Gluten Free Baking Tips + Recipe

I haven’t always ever been the best baker … ever. I am the one who usually leaned towards ready-made goods OR find that anything that comes pre-made in a box makes life SO much easier!


Ever since I decided to go 90% Gluten Free, those habits haven’t been so easy. I’ve had to dust off my baking sheets and pans and find recipes either online or through train & error that could not only quench my sweet tooth, but also that were pretty clean and sans all-purpose flour or other ingredients I was previously used to.


With friends like Cotter Crunch around, I was able to expand my horizons to become creative and learn a few Gluten Free baking tips!


This weekend I have the opportunity to have a WELLNESS WISH granted from Kohl’s and enjoy a Gluten Free Cooking class with some girlfriends   –  not a shabby way to spend a Sunday afternoon that’s for sure!




I’ve known to keep some essential Gluten Free baking tips in mind:


* Xantham Gum instead of Corn Starch or Flour to thicken


* Coconut or almond or rice or sorghum flour should be on hand at all times


* Gluten Free items tend to not raise as high as other baked goods depending upon the ingredients, also cooking times and temperatures can be  adjusted.


We all met up at the Rolling Pin and made Gluten Free Zucchini Bread, Savory Pancakes, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Apple Fritters!


I learned all kinds of little kitchen tips in general – including that it’s best to crack an egg on a flat surface versus the bowl! Am I the last one to learn this??


I thought I could share one of the recipes below so you could try these DELISH cookies out for yourself!




I never look for Gluten Free to be any sort of ‘diet’ fad I’m into, but have realized since doing the Grain Brain Challenge, that my body doesn’t respond well to processed wheat protein, so I avoid it for the most part. FYI 😉



What new recipes have you tried lately?

Do you like to experiment with new methods?



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